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Welcome to our World Famous bTEAM bLOG!

We wrote our first bLOG in September 2010 and haven’t stopped since.

The content you will read here is exclusively written by us and only us. They are created and inspired as a result of our day-to-day work as Realtors.

Wide ranging and occasionally entertaining, we hope you can find some useful reading here. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to write about? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

b-LOG: Find the Five
As the year progresses, the level of buyer demand will ebb and flow. If you're knee deep in the middle of an ebb, this bLOG is for you....
Posted: 23/07/2013
b-LOG: Home Buying Stage Fright
First times. They're usually nerve wracking. Home buying, home selling, sky diving...they're all a bit tricky to navigate. Or terrifying. :)
Posted: 05/06/2013
b-LOG: Is Smoking the Ultimate Way to Personalize Your Home
There's Don Draper smoking and then there's a cigarette burning away in the living room of a home you're showing. One is cool (sort of) and the other is a deal breaker.
Posted: 23/05/2013
b-LOG: Can the Listing Agent Save the Buyer Money?
"We've always bought through the listing agent...we can save money that way." But is that true? Our latest bLOG takes a dig into that topic...
Posted: 30/04/2013
b-LOG: Putting a Value on Perceived Value
Perceived value. Everything carries a different value to each of us. A $750 pair of a shoes? A $6,000 bike? A $4 donut? Depends who you ask...
Posted: 11/02/2013
b-LOG: Sell our home now? No thanks, we’re Going To Wait Until Spring
Waiting. Timing. But that's not how people usually do it right? The tulips aren't out yet...our gardens. Have you seen our gardens!?!
b-LOG: The $5,000 Difference
A lot has changed since 2005 and 2006. As the momentum swings between buyer & seller, the difference of $5,000 can prove larger.
Posted: 21/09/2012
b-LOG: Are the Buyers Seeing What You're Selling
What is the market like these days relevant to YOUR home? Do you want to list or sell your home? There is a difference and your approach will determine your success.
Posted: 21/08/2012
b-LOG: The Real Estate (non)Salesperson
Sales or Guide? Education, guidance and advocacy are a much better route than selling someone on something. That's our theory anyway...
Posted: 23/07/2012
b-LOG: The Seller's Perspective - Billboards and Empty Milk Jugs
Mlik jugs in Cartagena and billboards in the Appalachian mountains. How can these possibly relate to real estate? Well, they do. Have a read....