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Welcome to our World Famous bTEAM bLOG!

We wrote our first bLOG in September 2010 and haven’t stopped since.

The content you will read here is exclusively written by us and only us. They are created and inspired as a result of our day-to-day work as Realtors.

Wide ranging and occasionally entertaining, we hope you can find some useful reading here. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to write about? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

b-LOG: Jimmy's Epic Move - Part Two
The Tale of Jimmy's Move: Part 2. The Grand Finale.
Posted: 21/12/2011
b-LOG: Jimmy's Epic Move - Part One
This is Part 1 of a 2 part series entitled: Jimmy's Epic Move. Well, maybe not epic but fairly interesting...
Posted: 21/12/2011
b-LOG: Timing is Everything...Sort Of
One of the Top 5 Questions we are asked. When is a good time to sell? Well, here is another edition of a blog we've written a few times...
b-LOG: Perspective of the Outsider
Residents of any place tend to grow complacent. Consider when you go somewhere on vacation...for some reason, the residents aren't quite as excited as you are.
b-LOG: The Power of Influence
Outside influence of the 24 hr news cycle can factor in the overall market picture. Positive? Negative? Uncertainty? Worry? Heated? Sometimes you just have to dig in and get to work...
b-LOG: Offer Options
Sometimes a little creativity can go a long way in selling a home. Step back, think about the options and see what great ideas you can come up with.
Posted: 28/09/2011
b-LOG: Preparing for "The One"
Dating & home selling. Reality is, they aren't that far removed from each other. Have a read and good luck with either mission...
Posted: 22/09/2011
b-LOG: Prepare Your Home - Prepare Your Mind
It's one thing to prepare your home to sell but what about preparing you? Your mind or your physical state? Time spent on those efforts will be well worth it...
b-LOG: LISTING RESTORATION : Bringing your home back to life
If a home is dragging around on the market, sometimes you have to take extra steps in getting potential buyers through the door. Here are some thoughts on that...
Posted: 01/09/2011
b-LOG: The False Start. Bad for Runners, Not great for Sellers
You don't want to show up making apologies to the general marketplace. Better to take an extra week or two to get the to-do list done. If possible...
Posted: 30/08/2011