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b-LOG: The 3 Types of Buyers

b-LOG: The 3 Types of Buyers
Date Posted: 04/11/2014

1. The Browser

2. The If It Happens It Happens

3. The Hunter


As a home seller, it is important to know which buyer(s) your home is reaching. For example, if open houses mixed with a dash of hope & optimism is your approach, you are most likely to see The Browser come through.

The Browser says things like “we like it…it’s nice”. Or “we’re just starting to look”. Or they smile, put on their shoes and hit the road.

The Browser buyer is very hard to nail down. Quite often the open house tour is their first foray into looking or even thinking about moving. A way to get their real estate feet wet without committing to anyone or any house. Does this buyer spontaneously put in an offer? Yes, on occasion. Banking your move on finding this buyer however, is a treacherous route to take.


Now looking at the If It Happens It Happens buyer, they have some more motivation but the amount can change on a given week. “If the right house comes along, we’ll really think about it”.

They may quite possibly love your home and buy it. But equally likely, they may not. Watch out for this statement: “We don’t have to move”.

The If It Happens It Happens buyer is quite possibly prepared to buy but is not easy to predict. They can go cold quickly. They can also change their mind or have second thoughts. They may also buy as well but the stars (and market) have to align beautifully for things to go from browse to buy.


And finally we come to the real, legit, serious, no-messin-around buyer. This buyer is what we would call The Hunter. He, she or they are focused and on a mission to buy. They are MLS addicts. Their productivity at work is plummeting as they constantly check in on their MLS feed. The Hunter is working with a REALTOR who they are texting, emailing and/or calling multiple times a day. They know the market, what is available, what sold, what is priced right, what isn’t. The Hunter is ready to pull the trigger the moment the right house for them arrives on the market.

The Hunter doesn’t wait for open houses. If they see a house arrive on market on a Wednesday, there is no way they’re sitting around waiting until Sunday to see it at the open house. Most likely they are looking at it that evening. So, traffic and interest is always great to see. But what would you rather have…28 people through an open house or 3 realtor showings? It may seem odd but statistically, we would take the 3 realtor showings all day long.

Something to think about next time you’re running around preparing for the weekly open house.

If you’d like to get together to discuss your home and which buyer(s) you’d like to target, contact us anytime and we can set up a visit.

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Cheers to Joe DeSousa for the great photo.