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Welcome to our World Famous bTEAM bLOG!

We wrote our first bLOG in September 2010 and haven’t stopped since.

The content you will read here is exclusively written by us and only us. They are created and inspired as a result of our day-to-day work as Realtors.

Wide ranging and occasionally entertaining, we hope you can find some useful reading here. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to write about? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

The Market. Right Now.
What is going on out there? If you're a bit confused, you're not alone. This blog has a look at the Niagara market.
Posted: 07/05/2024
Some strategies are better than others. When selling your home, it's highly recommended to put some serious thought into the approach that is best for your home (and you!)...
Posted: 27/04/2024
Niagara Region Q1 2024 Real Estate Market Update
If there was a word to sum up the first 3 months of the Niagara real estate market in 2024, it would be pensive. This report has a look at various aspects of the Niagara real estate market.
Posted: 19/04/2024
New Brokerage = New Questions
We've been asked similar questions many times since our move to Bosley Real Estate. So, in an effort to simplify the message, here are some...
Posted: 06/03/2024
The BIG News About February 2024
After underperforming since early 2022, the NIagara real estate market did something new'ish in February 2024. Read on to learn more...
Posted: 05/03/2024
Change is a complicated process for everyone involved in the change. And by complicated, we mean nuanced, difficult and open to wide interpretation...
Posted: 18/02/2024
Will The Value Of Your Home Go Up This Year?
That is THE question we're hearing these days. The fact is, no one really knows the answer. And on that note, here we are to offer our wild guesses...
Posted: 31/01/2024
How do you choose your Realtor?
It's no secret that there are a lot of Realtors out there these days. And having that many makes the decision of who to hire all the more difficult...
Posted: 25/01/2024
Frozen Ground + Rain. An Annual Tradition.
Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw. Coat, no coat, sunroof open in January!? Temperature swings and weather hassles. LIke most things, knowing what to do is half the battle.
Posted: 21/01/2024
Days on the Market meaning
This bLOG explores the importance of Days on the Market comparing it to a metaphorical thermometer for the market. By analyzing DoM, we aim to reveal insights into buyer confidence, seller satisfaction, overall market conditions and revealing the opportunities.