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Date Posted: 07/08/2023



Advice is your well-meaning friends suggesting that your physical ailment is just part of turning 50. “Don’t worry bud…we all get that!”

Insight is the surgical specialist explaining the results of your ultrasound and x-ray in a way that you can understand. They translate the symptoms and results into your next best course of action.


Advice is your neighbour telling you why you should visit a particular country on your next vacation because they were there, and it was the greatest vacation ever.  

Insight is a travel agent telling you why you should avoid travelling to a particular place in May or June. And that there is a great hotel just outside of town that no one knows about. Also, that a day trip to the north side of the island is a must see. Here is how you get there…


Advice is someone telling you to start doing dead lifts at your gym because that’s how you’ll get those muscles you’ve always dreamed of.

Insight is a trainer who knows the small movements that you should be aware of. The small movements that will help you gain the desired results while at the same time, not injure you. (see item #1 on this list).


Advice is a co-worker telling you why you should invest in ABC Company Inc.

Insight is an investment specialist who reviews your financial position, considers various strategies that relate to you and helps you navigate your financial future.


…and here it comes…


Advice is your Uncle in Peterborough telling you what the asking price of your home should be.

Insight is the Realtor who sits down with you and provides market intel specific to your situation. They don’t simply rehash the macro monthly numbers that you’ll see splashed across Facebook in the first week of any given month. They’ll drill down and get specific to your home. What is the competition like? What is the current absorption rate? How long are homes like yours taking to sell? What should your expectations be in terms of activity, time to sell and ultimate sale price range?


Advice is easily available.


Insight is worth the money.