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How do you choose your Realtor?

How do you choose your Realtor?
Date Posted: 25/01/2024

How do you choose your Realtor?


A strange thing happens when we're given more choice than we need. It actually makes the ultimate decision more difficult. Think about the restaurant menu with 14 pages. "There's soooo much to choose from!"


So, how do you choose your Realtor?


  • We’ve worked with them for years.
  • I saw their face everywhere so thought I’d try them out.
  • They were charging the lowest commission.
  • They had the highest recommended listing price.
  • I just called a brokerage and they called me back.
  • They had a solid understanding of how to succeed in current market conditions.
  • They listened to us and our needs. I liked that.
  • They have billboards all over town so I just called them.
  • My neighbour used them and was really happy.
  • Their marketing strategy and overall plan was the best.
  • They’re my friend so…
  • I felt comfortable and felt like I could trust them.
  • My work colleague highly recommended them.


There are many reasons to hire a Realtor. Some are better than others. When the time comes for you to buy or sell a home, give some extra thought to why you hire who you hire. 

Some words to watch out for:

  • Trust
  • Skill sets
  • Honesty
  • Grit and determination
  • Track record
  • Referrals and reccomendations
  • Communication skills
  • Reputation
  • People skills

If you meet a Realtor who brings those attributes to the conversation, then lowest commission rate, most billboards and luck of the draw will become irrelevant. 


If you're looking to interview a Realtor, we're here and happy to chat anytime.