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b-LOG: When New Isn't New Anymore

b-LOG: When New Isn't New Anymore
Date Posted: 22/04/2012

In the business of selling used goods, often, a part or parts of the product have been improved or updated over the years.

Think of a used car with brand new tires, a BBQ with new burners or even a house with new furnace and central air. The common (and dangerous) denominator in all of those examples is the word ‘new’.

When does new become not new.

Or updated become outdated.

We often go through homes where the 2007 furnace is described as new. Or the 8-year-old roof is new. Six-year-old windows might be referred to as replaced or updated but they are by no means new. What makes something updated? Are 25-year-old windows on a character home considered updated? Well, technically the original windows were updated with the 25-year-old version but what does the buyer infer as updated.

There really isn’t an easy answer to these questions. The answer to all of these really comes from the pursuit of the truth by the buyer. Strip away all the adjectives and date claims and verify for yourself. Not sure how to check? Having the keen eye of someone who spends the majority of their non-sleeping hours walking through homes with you will be a great start.

How old is that patio door? How old is this home? How old is that central air? What about the shingles, exterior doors and kitchen.

Realtors know how to maneuver through the ocean of information and assertions made by today’s sellers. And for the record, the vast majority of sellers mean well when age claims are made.

Unfortunately, not all are aware of how important the accuracy of this information is. If you are wading into the home buying waters, make sure you are getting accurate information.

Get the verified truth.

Feel free to call or email us anytime and we would be glad to discuss the best steps to take to get started.

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Thank-you to Mykyta Martynenko for the photo.