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b-LOG: Top 10 Tips for Selling in the Winter

b-LOG: Top 10 Tips for Selling in the Winter
Date Posted: 08/01/2012

Let's get right to it. These 10 things in no particular order, will go a long way in helping for a smooth winter sale:

10. Light up your life. Since the sun seems to set not long after it rises this time of year, make sure your home has adequate lighting. If light switches are not easy to find, consider leaving little notes out to make finding them easier. If you are not typically home until 6 or later and there are showings happening at 4 or 5, consider putting several lights on timers.

9. Paint. If you have dark rooms, especially dark floors and walls, consider lighter shades. Painting a room can be one of the easiest and cheapest ‘renovations’ that exist. It can transform and completely refresh a room in the ‘darker months of the year’.

8. Shovelling. See our earlier blog entitled “Maintain the Maintenance”. Put as much time into exterior maintenance in all seasons. Clear driveways, walks, decks and patios.

7. Keep it warm. Try maintaining an interior temperature of at least 70 degrees. Buyers need to be able to come in, remove their shoes and comfortably walk around your home in their socks.

6. If your home is heated with forced air, be sure to change your furnace filter. This will improve the airflow and overall warmth in your home. Pop a vacuum into each of the duct vents throughout your home as well.

5. Keep the windows clean. Since its cold outside, people will be more likely to stand at the windows and look into the backyard rather than actually walk back there. So, while they are standing there looking out the windows, dirty and dusty windows will detract from the good impression you’re trying to make. The same applies to window coverings…if you have blinds that are rarely opened, a good wash and vacuum will be time and effort well spent.

4. Show off that fireplace. We often see neglected gas fireplaces that could easily be a real focal point. Have a professional come over and properly open up and clean the glass and interior pieces of the fireplace. You’ll be surprised what a difference that can make. Also, assembling the furniture to better highlight the fireplace would be advised. As part of our services, we offer a complimentary Home Stager consultation. Again, we can discuss this when the time is right.

3. Exterior lighting can help accentuate the backyard. If you have investing major dollars into the backyard, make sure the buyers can see it. Options include proper exterior lighting or if the time is right, general Christmas lights (white) can be tastefully done as well.

2. Make sure the sign in your front yard is visible. I know it can be a bit of a trek through the snow in the front yard but make sure the sign is visible and clear of snow so people cruising by in their cars can notice it and easily identify the contact information on it.

1. Contact THEbTEAM to come up with a plan customized to your home!

Regardless of what time of year it is, we would be glad to meet with and discuss your home and where it fits into today’s market.

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Thank-you to Guillaume Bourda for the outstanding photo.