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The Waiting Game – Do yourself a favour and plan ahead

The Waiting Game – Do yourself a favour and plan ahead
Date Posted: 17/05/2012

Buying or selling, everyone is waiting at some point.

Waiting to see the house.

Waiting for showings.

Waiting for offers.

Waiting for a signback.

Waiting for the inspection.

Waiting to hear back from your mortgage broker.

Waiting to flip the sign to sold.

Waiting to show your parents through the house.

Waiting for the movers.

Waiting for the call from the lawyer.

In general, waiting for the waiting to end.

What if ‘the waiter’ found 1 or 2 techniques that they could employ when the stress of the waiting starts to take its toll?

A walk on the lakefront trail.

A game of golf.



Go to a movie.

Go see a band.

Play in a band.



Bubble bath.

Paint a picture.

Read a book.

Eat a lemon meringue pie. (try works!)

If you are about to enter the waiting game, figure out some options that each person involved in the waiting game can do to make it more tolerable.

Think of it this way. If you have a 2 hour wait for your flight, do you stand and pace back and forth at the gate? Or do you plan ahead and bring books, iPods, magazines, drinks, food, games and Sudoku books to help pass the time?

If you are dealing with the real estate waiting game, plan ahead. Be ready. You’ll be glad you did.

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Thank-you to Ben Whilte for the patiently waiting photo.