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b-LOG: The Big Three - Pricing + Marketing + Presentation

b-LOG: The Big Three - Pricing + Marketing + Presentation
Date Posted: 14/02/2012

Strength in two but weakness in one can prove difficult in the world of selling a product.

Imagine a couch that is priced accurately and looks beautiful. Spot on pricing and the most pristine presentation ever put out into the universe. The problem arises if the marketing is inadequate and/or terrible. The whole venture suddenly suffers.

On the flipside, the couch is part of a genius marketing campaign that brings in overwhelming interest. Once at the fictitious store, the consumer is presented with a display so brilliant that they need to sit down and rest before they carry on. Everything is lined up and ready for the buyer to take the final step and purchase this glorious sitting device.

Then they discover the price. “They want how much?”

All of a sudden the hard work and success of steps one and two are rendered irrelevant.

Imagine Oscar Peterson on Piano, Ray Brown on bass and Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds on drums. …or something like that.

The chances of achieving success increase in direct proportion to the accuracy of The Big Three.

Price it correctly.

Market it professionally.

Present it brilliantly.

Then get ready to move!

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