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b-LOG: Pictures – The Good, the Bad & the Deceiving

b-LOG: Pictures – The Good, the Bad & the Deceiving
Date Posted: 29/01/2012

If you’ve browsed the internet looking at homes, I’m sure you’ve noticed the wide range in the quality of photos.

Dark dining rooms where you can barely identify a table and chairs. A bedroom showing only the corner of the bed and a part of the dresser. How about the picture of the toilet with the lids up?!

The bottom line is when you are looking at homes on the internet, there are some important things to consider. Looking at the photos and nothing more is not going to give you the best idea of what the home has to offer.

Consider the room sizes. The era of home. Look at multiple photos in order to put the pieces together.

Why do we even mention this? We have been hiring a professional photographer for about 5 years now, the end result being high quality, high resolution photos that are as good as any you will find out there. We occasionally hear from people that the rooms are larger/smaller than they expected.

We were actually told last week that someone found the photos deceiving. Not intentionally, but they found the photos were not reflective of reality.

What type of computer are the pictures being viewed on? Photos can look different depending on what screen you are looking at. Are you using an iPad? A 7 year old 13” desktop? A 27” LCD monitor?

At the end of the day, photos are only one piece of the puzzle. They are the introduction. The pictures of the food on the menu.

They paint a picture that will either draw you in or scare you off.

If there is remote interest of any sort, the next and most important step is to physically get out there and take a tour of the property. Bottom line : photos can be bad or good. Quality or not so quality. They are an invitation into the property, hopefully inspiring you enough to take the next step.

General question: What is your opinion of real estate photos in general? How about on our site?

We are always looking for real, genuine thoughts from the general public on their thoughts. As you may have noticed (hopefully you did!) we put a lot of effort and resources into how our listings are presented online.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank-you for visiting.


Thank-you to Zane Lee for the photo of a photo being taken.