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New Brokerage = New Questions

New Brokerage = New Questions
Date Posted: 06/03/2024


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At this point in early March, we've been at our new brokerage for nearly a month. We've settled in with desks and chairs in place, shelves hung and painting complete. Network, wifi and a copier? Check.

When making such a big move, there is both the never-ending checklist of to-do items as well as the conversations and questions to be asked.

So, in an effort to simplify and summarize, here are some of the most common questions we are being asked these days:


1. Have you guys started your own brokerage?

No, we have not. What we have done is open a branch office for Bosley Real Estate in St.Catharines. So, while we've opened a new branch office location, we're very much a part of this dynamic and vibrant brokerage. Read more about them here. 


2. Why did you change brokerages?

While it is easy to make assumptions and inferences into the reason why people switch brokerages, moves like this happen for many reasons. Speaking for ouselves, it was simply time for a new future. A new vision, a new dream, however you'd like to describe it. Our previous brokerage was and is a great place to work. They are a strong member of the real estate community and will continue to be. For us, we were simply ready for a new challenge and a new opportunity to build something unique in the Niagara real estate marketplace.


3. Who is at Bosley with you?

We are thrilled with the initial team that we have with us. They are:

  • THEbTEAM (Patrick, Jim, Vicky & Kirsten)
  • The NP Team (Andrew Pearson & Mark Newbigging, Sales Reps)
  • Claire Burden (Broker)
  • Naomi Knight (Realtor)
  • Geoff Pawson (Broker
  • Shaun Thoms (Realtor)
  • Richard Hall (Realtor)

This is a group of Realtors who are fully aligned in their vision for what and who a Realtor is. We are all full-time, strategic thinking, creative, collaborative and equally important, fun people to work with. Which goes back to question number two. There is a palpable unity in vision amongst this group, and we couldn't be more excited for what the future will bring. 


4. Did they all join THEbTEAM?

No, they most certainly did not. This is not a plan to grow our bTEAM into a mega team. Every Bosley St.Catharines Realtor is there running their own independent business and will continue to do so. While we are independent, the team is a highly collaborative and connected group of entrepreneurs. Ideas are shared, questions are asked, problems are solved and laughs are had. This is what makes the pursuit of a vision all the more attainable. 


5. Is Claire Burden a member of THEbTEAM now?

We're not sure why this one keeps coming up. Maybe its the B for Burden? Or perhaps the fact that we're working on a new build site with her? Regardless, as much as we are huge fans of Claire, she is a tremendous Realtor and like the others, she is running her own independent business as well. (sidenote: she also supplies us with Halloween candy 365 days of the she may be trying to kill us too. That is TBD)


6. Is your last brokerage upset with you?

This is a tough one. After 20 years at any location, moving is a big deal and will come with its own set of complexities. So, no, there is no ill will or burned bridges. We have countless fond memories over the years. To throw that away would be truly unfortunate. That doesn't mean the decision and process wasn't challenging, but we all know and understand that as individuals, we are free to pursue a future that inpsires and excites us. It's that simple and complicated at the same time. :)


7. What are your plans there?

We are in the opening chapter of building a unique brokerage in the Niagara real estate landscape. And before I type another word, it's important to know that there are loads of excellent brokerages in town, each with their own atmosphere and offerings. This is not a zero sum game.

Our plan though, is to build a brokerage that has a clearly defined vision for what it is to be there. A place where growth is normal. Where challenges are shared and learned from. Accountability amongst the group is not measured by monthly awards but rather mapping out a future and then working towards achieving it together. 

To quote Seth Godin, "people like us, do things like this."

We show up, and show up, and show up. This office is a place where grit and determination are airborne contagions.

So, our plans are to grow strategically and carefully and we couldn't be more excited about it. 


8. Are you renting space in that building? What's with the signage?

Stay tuned. We are occupying the entire building with space to grow into. And absolutely, shiny new signage is in the works in the next week or two. 


9. Are you on social media?

That is another 'stay tuned' item that is currently getting worked on. Aside from our individual social profiles, we'll have our Niagara social channels up and running soon. Rest assured, we'll share the news when they're launched!


10. Do you have coffee?

No one actually asked this. It's just our way of saying if you'd like to pop in for a visit and to see our new digs, reach out anytime! We'd love to give you the guided tour. And if you're lucky, Shaun will be preparing another one of his ridiculously delicious lunches. :)


Thank-you for following us on our journey. We are huge fans of Niagara, our industry and all of you. 


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