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b-LOG: Landscaping - Money Well Spent

b-LOG: Landscaping - Money Well Spent
Date Posted: 23/09/2010

With possibly the best return on your investment, fresh and clean landscaping is time and money well spent.

Countless studies and reports have been released detailing the return that a well landscaped property can provide. Curb appeal! We have all heard that expression countless times, and for good reason. When the FOR SALE sign first goes up, virtually every car that drives by will slow down a little so the driver can take a peak. What are they looking at? They are looking at the house and the way in which it is presented.

A thoughtfully planned and landscaped front yard will create pleasant images of what the inside may look like. Sloppy, overgrown gardens will likely create images of a sloppy interior resulting in diminished interest in your home. Never underestimate the power of your neighbours in helping to get your home sold.

While they aren’t likely to buy your home, they are likely to tell other people about it.

“Hey John. I really like this area. Let me know if anything ever comes up for sale in your neighbourhood!”

John is far more likely to pass on the info if the house creates that ‘wow’ factor from the street.

Where do I start? Several of your local garden centres will likely offer the services of a landscape architect. Often they will rebate some or all of the costs of the landscape architect through gift certificates to be spent at the garden centre. They will be able to offer sound advice on what to plant and where, taking into account soil conditions, amount of sun and shade as well as various other factors that could influence your gardening success! Before you start cutting new gardens, be sure to plan.

A tape measure, graph paper and a pencil can be of great help when planning out where your gardens are going to be.

Other things to consider are the shapes of the gardens themselves…do you prefer organic, curved gardens or straight edged and angular gardens.

Are you interested in a low maintenance garden? Formal entertaining spaces? Children’s play areas or a sandbox? Fountains or fishponds?

Most important is to remember to have fun with it.

These are your gardens so enjoy yourself and dig in! Has this helped? Would you like further information tailored to your specific needs? We’d like to hear from you!

Feel free to call or send us an email with any suggestions or ideas of your own.

Thank-you for visiting.


Thank-you to Pankaj Shah for the photo.