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bLOG: Getting To The Airport On Time

bLOG: Getting To The Airport On Time
Date Posted: 07/02/2022



When volatility rules the day, best laid plans need to have alternate routes set up in all directions.


The ‘what ifs’ are real and need to be considered.


Flying out later tonight on vacation? I expect you have a number of plans and contingencies in place. You keep your passport, wallet, ID and travel docs in a safe space. Some of you may even have a 2nd copy printed out and back-ups sent to your email. You leave early (reeeeally early) for the airport just in case. Snacks. Who has the snacks?!!


All of this is done in order to reduce risk. And stress.


Navigating any real estate market is no different.


Here in February 2022, we’re knee-deep in a monumental seller’s market. But markets change. And when markets change, skilled and insightful planning is the only way to get to the airport on time.


Make sure your guide knows how to get you on that plane.