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b-LOG: Weather Related Real Estate

b-LOG: Weather Related Real Estate
Date Posted: 18/07/2012

I read an article the other day and someone made a comment at the bottom of the story that sort of stuck with me. It was related to farming and the comment was that they were largely the only industry or job that is dependent on the co-operation of the weather. A few comments popped up after arguing (quite easily) that there are in fact numerous other weather dependent industries/businesses/jobs.

In the grand scheme of the mindset of the consumer, I think you could argue the vast majority of businesses would rely on co-operative weather. It doesn’t have to be sunny and 75 degrees every day but the extreme weather one way or the other can slow things down.

So, here in our real estate world, we enter the time of year that can be hard to predict. On a day like yesterday where the ‘with humidity’ levels reached into the mid 40s, it is understandable when people are less than inspired to head out looking for homes. Similar to serious cold snaps or heavy rains (ie: spring of 2011 was very much affected by the rain), dry, extreme heat can slow people down.

As a seller, it is harder as well but the fact is, depending on what you are selling, it produces a sort of opportunity. Do you have a pool? For showings, rather than leaving it covered with the patio set looking unused, why not set the stage? Have the solar cover off, have an ice filled picture of water with slices of lemon on the patio table. Create a scene so when the buyer walks into the backyard their instant reaction is positive. Not “let’s get out of this heat” but rather “this must be ours!”

No pool? That’s ok too. There are things to do to help create the scene. Keep your watering up. Trust me…in this type of weather where flowers shrivel and grasses yellow, your home will stand out in a good way if your grass resembles something green (and is freshly cut) and your gardens are well cared for and healthy. A little mulch and a fresh watering before a showing can really go a long way prior to a viewing of your home.

Inside, make sure the air is moving. Air conditioning of some sort this time of year is really important. If you have hot water heating that’s fine, but still having some type of air conditioning going will be necessary for the buyer to relax and seriously consider your home. Especially if there is a 2nd floor.

To get a bit more creative, you could always leave some cans of iced tea or lemonade chilling in some ice on the kitchen table.

Again, just a simple gesture, one that the buyers (and their Realtor!) would likely appreciate. Every home is different so every home will have different options to accentuate the positive and hopefully attract buyers and offers.

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Thank-you to NOAA for the photo :)