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b-LOG: The Dangers of Discount Popcorn

b-LOG: The Dangers of Discount Popcorn
Date Posted: 09/01/2019

We’ve all seen it happen. The coming soon promotions start for the next big movie. You see them on TV commercials, in YouTube ads, on Facebook and pretty much everywhere you look.   

Our Pretend Film.

Starring Movie Star A and Movie Star B.

Coming Summer 2021

Let the anticipation begin! As the opening week-end approaches, the buzz grows as more eyes are watching, ready to buy their $14 snack pack and take it all in. And the time finally comes. The line-ups begin and the movie is well, pretty good. I guess…I mean, it had its good parts. Right?

The stats come in after opening week-end. “Did you hear that “Our Pretend Film” grossed $85 million in its first week-end!?” Translated: a lot of people went to see it. 

The reviews start coming in though and they are tepid at best. 

2 stars out of 5. 

“Hey, have you seen Our Pretend Film yet?” 

“…no, not yet. I heard it was just okay. What did you think?”

“yeah, I mean, it was okaaay. *pause* I’ve seen better.”


Movie executives and theatre owners alike sit up and take notice. There are other great movies coming out too. We can’t dedicate all of those screens to a movie that is “pretty good…I guess”.

The scene cuts to the theatre owner’s office. 

“Hey boss. How about discount popcorn? We’ve got this film for the next month. We need to get bums in the seats!”

Discount popcorn. 

When the amount of attention and interest wanes, people/organizations/companies will often insert Perk A or Incentive B to boost activity.  

Discount popcorn, 2 for 1 Tuesdays or Free Ice Fridays (not sure if that is actually a thing ) are simply ploys to drive up attendance. To get people in the door and sitting in the theatre.  

But what if the movie was better. The pricing was better to begin with. (see above re: $14 snack pack). What if the movie lived up to the hype rather than the preview being the best part. Then the intensity of attention and overall traffic wouldn’t wane on day 3. The line-ups and box office revenue would carry on through week 2, 3 and so on. It would be a hit. 

Let’s take this story of Our Pretend Film and apply it to your home. Your opening week-end is crucial. Priced right. Prepared right. Marketed to your target audience. No matter what discount popcorn, price adjustment or perk you add, you will not get the same attention in week 3 or 4 as you would have in week 1 or 2, aka, your opening weekend.

Beware of Discount Popcorn. 

Price strategically. 

Prepare. Stage. Market. Navigate. Negotiate. Sell. All without changing the price of your popcorn. 

Need help with your property or the market in general? Contact us anytime and we’ll help set up your home to have a great opening week-end. 

…credit for the popcorn photo belongs to Yulia Khlebnikova.  

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