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b-LOG: The Big Reset

b-LOG: The Big Reset
Date Posted: 16/04/2020

When we’re “in the middle of it”, it’s hard to remember the state we were in previously.

As the roller coaster crests the top of the first big incline, how we felt while we were in line is now a vague and distant memory.  Have you ever left the Skydome (aka Rogers Centre) after a large event at the same time that the ACC (aka Scotiabank Centre) lets out as well? That chaos as you jostle among 75,000 strangers can be pretty profound.  It’s hot. Really hot. And you’re not 100% sure if you’re going the right way. Make sure you hold {insert child’s name here}’s hand! When does the GO Train leave? What?! I’m hungry! Oh great, now {that same child} has to go to the bathroom. 

“I think we’re going the wrong way!”

If you’re human, you are in some degree of a heightened state of angst. You’re surrounded by every form of stimuli possible. Visual, aural and odour all add to the mix. Not to mention it’s 92 degrees with 95% humidity.  A Police officer whistles in an attempt to direct traffic. Cars get stuck in the intersection as 300 people cross the street at the same time.  Cool. Now you’re walking amongst a dozen shirtless drunk dudes.

An ambulance with its screaming siren races past. “Let’s Go Blue Jays!”   …am I right or am I right?! Get up those stairs. Now down those other stairs. This place is STILL under construction!? 

Hang in there. You’re almost at the GO station.

As if you were in a movie, you race to the platform and hop on moments before the door closes. In a miracle of all miracles, you find 4 empty seats as you collapse with your family and take a collective breath. 

You are comfortable, air-conditioned and in the middle of a decompress. You smile again as you start to cool off and feel somewhat human again. 

The train starts to pull away and you find yourself collectively staring out the window as the condo chaos of downtown Toronto slips away. Your vitals return to normal as your kids tuck their heads down as their eyes get heavy and fatigue sets in. 

You are resting....


Things are suddenly different. Here we are in mid-April and in the midst of a collective reset. And things are suddenly different. The pace of life prior to COVID was perhaps a bit like that race to the GO station.

Running to the next appointment. Text message after text message. Cool. Just checked my phone and 14 unread emails have arrived. I’m going to miss what deadline? You’re picking up the kids right?  I miss my friends... I’ve been meaning to connect with {name here} forever! Facebook updates. She said what?! *ping*  Phones ringing.

Did you get groceries? I thought you were. I have no time!! 

Did you see {insert show name here} on Netflix? It’s amazing! I watched 4 episodes last night! Walks down the street with our head buried in our phone.

Texts to friends.

Buzzzzzz. Phone calls? Who makes those?

A blue jay lands on a tree beside you. Unfortunately you don’t see it. 

I’m going to pop to the grocery store to get toilet paper, flour and pasta sauce. Be right back.  We’re meeting Saturday 11am to play some bball. You in!?     Awww man, I can’t. I’m busy. *ping*

Gramma isn’t feeling well so we’re going to visit her later today. 

We just got tickets to see them at Meridian Centre in June! I’m so pumped!!  Did you catch the game last night? What a 4th quarter. Crazy skills….     I didn’t see it. Crap. I was *ping* working till late. 

What did you have for lunch today? Me? Nothing…no time. Just ate a granola bar and a bag of skittles I found in the car.  Do you read? Me? No….I never have the time.  I’ve always wanted to canoe around the back of Martindale Pond. One day. 

Let’s take a road trip out east. I’ve never been!      Sure…how’s next year!? *buzzzzz* I gotta go. I’m late.  Downloads. Updates. Notifications. Facebook arguments. Beeps. Strain. Buzzes. Headache. News Updates. Partisanship. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Missed appointments.




In the relative chaos of life, we tend to let the important things slide. As we sit on our collective train taking a breather during this COVID-19 experience, we have been afforded the time to ponder. 

It’s a rare chance to look at our pre-COVID life with better clarity and perspective than we otherwise would be able to. After all, we were always running out of time no?

Maybe it is time to slooooow down a bit. Re-check our priorities and find a bit more balance.  And the trick will be that as ‘things’ ramp back up, it’s going to be even more challenging as media from all directions barrages us with messages of LET’S DO THIS!! 

It’s ironic. Now that many of us have more time on our hands than ever before, it’s time that has suddenly become more precious than ever. 

Time with friends and family. Time with our self. Time. 

…and thank-you to Kevin Ku for the apt photo.

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