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b-LOG: The Belief Tank

b-LOG: The Belief Tank
Date Posted: 13/11/2019

Everyone has one.

Whether large, medium or painfully small, we all have a reserve tank which holds our belief or trust in our self and what we’re doing. It’s the amount of emotion (or trust) held in reserve to help counter the moments that test us.

Call them life challenges or events that don’t go our way, we all face them and we all have our own approach or ability to recognize them and respond. Whether you are a home seller selling a home in Niagara waiting for the buyer, a Niagara Realtor who is slugging it out and doing everything you can to make things happen for your client (seller or buyer), there will be times where days turn into weeks and your tank starts to empty.

“What am I doing wrong?”

“What is she doing wrong?”

“What can I do differently?”

As our Belief Tank gets low, our resilience starts to play a more and more important part. How do we react to that voice that starts to ask questions? Do you give up and throw in the proverbial real estate towel? Your Belief Tank is what is going to get you through those challenges. And as responsible as we are for pushing through challenging times, we are also responsible for its maintenance and filling.

Some read books while other listen to podcasts. Some write music or dance. Go for a walk, work-out or play sports. Talk to friends, hire a coach or attend seminars. Read, research and write. Produce your own content. Download an app and meditate. Learn new skills or abandon outdated ones. Push, press on and believe.

To compound things, our tanks can also be tested during the cold winter months as daylight is in shorter supply and we humans have a tendency towards hibernation. So again, we need to look even closer at our Belief Tank.

Ask yourself. How am I going to plan-ahead and keep it maintained for our next life challenge?

Some of our favourite outlets and sources of positivity and Belief Tank material?

  • play or listen to music. But really listen & soak it in.
  • get active whether that’s hiking in the snow on a dog walk or lacing up the skates to play some middle-aged, sore-shoulder hockey
  • listen to podcasts that inspire and challenge us (Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast is a prime example)
  • schedule personal time for focussed growth
  • check out The Headspace app
  • follow or connect with others who are in the same industry or going through the same process. how are they managing?
  • go to the gym. Small steps will even pay dividends. 15 minutes on the treadmill. Then 20. Then 20 plus some stretching. Next thing you know a habit has formed.
  • We’re fans of Richard Robbins but there are several out there. Chris Leader, Brian Buffini, Kathleen Black, Ryan Hodge or Dan Wood are all great. Locally there are several options too. Neil Thornton or Larry Anderson are both great as well.

Do you have your own techniques or processes? Reach out…we’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you all the genuine best. …and many thanks to Malte Wingen for the photo.