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b-LOG: Getting UnStuck

b-LOG: Getting UnStuck
Date Posted: 20/12/2020

2020 is the year that keeps on giving. And will continue giving well into 2021 by all estimates. But we can't possibly blame 2021 for 2020's misdeeds can we? 

Afterall, 2021 hasn't even started yet and many are already dreading it. We have this Groundhog Day time loop of viral doom narrative coming at us from almost all directions. 

It's like we're stuck. 

Stuck with colour coded warnings. Soon to be stuck in grey for 28 days. 

Stuck with Facebook arguments. Stuck with Facebook...

Stuck with conspiracy theories. Stuck with #SupportLocal juxtaposed against historic online shopping and big box line-ups. 

We're stuck where we are while our families in distant towns, provinces or countries are only texted, Facetimed or Zoomed. We're stuck missing funerals and births. Stuck away and missing out. 

Stuck in a winter when we often journey somewhere warmer.

We're stuck watching sports on television with cardboard cut-out fans. We're stuck pretending that watching concerts online is nearly as fun as the real thing. 

We're seemingly stuck with uncertainty and worry. An endless drip of anxiety can be found wherever we seek it out.


2020 is a skipping record player. And not our favourite record either. For many it's turning into our least favourite song with the needle stuck in the wrong groove. 

We're stuck with the inbox we've always meant to clean-up or the computer program we've ignored learning. 

We're stuck in our homes, however big or small. We're stuck with time. Time to think or waste or learn or loathe.

We're stuck with all those books we haven't read or those few hundred podcasts that we haven't listened to. That guitar we've meant to learn or those high school friends we've meant to reach out to. The project with our son we've always meant to tackle or the pen pal you've ignored. 

We're stuck missing our granddaughter's birthday. We're stuck.

So, this all begs the quesiton. 

How do we get unstuck?

Some quick thoughts...

Start that gratitude journal you've read about doing. Every morning write down 3 things you're grateful for. Every morning. 

Purposefully reach out to 3 people per day. Or just 1. 

Book time to spend listening to that podcast. 

Facetime with your family member in <enter city name here> 

Drive to that walking trail you've been meaning to hike.

Watch YouTube videos of that speaker that lifts you up.

Snooze all negativity on Facebook. Without remorse. 

Clean-up 100 emails per day in your inbox. 

Spend 30 minutes in the morning in silence with your coffee. If possible :)

Get curbside from as many local businesses as you're able to. 

Go down a YouTube rabbit hole with your favourite band.  

Stretch daily. 

If you're in the client business, stay connected with them. They want to hear from you. 

Get better at 1 skill. Or 5. 

Listen to music. Reeeeeally listen to it. With headphones and eyes closed. Go somewhere with it. 

Get fresh air. 

Learn the C, F, G, Dm, Am chords on the guitar. Then google songs with those chord changes. 

Buy a used guitar. 

Reach out to friends and be honest. Tell them if you're in need of a chat or help. Be real. 

This winter will test us. We will have to be our own resource. Our own source of direction. Some or many will struggle but there is good out there. There is positivity and there is help. 

We can do it but we can only do it if we're all a little more real. More postive and honest in our interactions.

We've never experienced a lockdown winter before so no one can pretend to have the solution. 

And this blog doesn't pretend to have any answers. But we can all pretend to care about each other and help.

Help each other stay unstuck. 

If you're ever looking to chat about anything at all, we're always happy to hear from you. 

Take care & stay in touch. 

...and thank-you to Zach Kirby for the 'stuck' photo. :)