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b-LOG: Sometimes the Grass is Brown

b-LOG: Sometimes the Grass is Brown
Date Posted: 04/01/2016

Everyone has their own perspectives that help shape their day to day existence. Perspective on quality. On value. On movies. Their favourite team. The best route to drive from point A to point B.

In our business of Real Estate, we encounter different perspectives all the time. Largely, people debate or consider what route to take when selling or buying their home. Sell with Realtor A or Realtor B. Sell by themselves. Sell with a mere posting.

Buyers are not much different. Many will feel that computers have allowed them to access information when they want. They can find the homes on the market. They can call the listing realtor. They know what homes are worth because “they’ve been watching the market for a while now”.

To really dig deep into this concept will turn this bLOG into a novel so I’ll avoid going into all the nooks and crannies of this topic. But here is the main point.

Many people will go a particular route because at the root of it all, they want to save money. We all like to save money. We shop around, clip coupons and put the internet to work to get a better deal. Taking that approach to your home sale or search is a reasonable approach however there is one important factor to consider.

This is the most important investment or financial commitment that most people will make in their lifetime.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly with buyers and sellers going it on their own in our experience. People have tried to sell themselves or cut corners. Others have tried to navigate their home search on their own. And the fact is, some of them have been successful. But the other side of the coin is that many have not.

As the title of this bLOG suggests, the grass is not always greener. With the initial motivation being cost savings, in the end, the result can quickly become frustration, stress and money left on the table.

Think of it this way…

Home A - 19% of the potential buyers know about it. The seller shows the home when they can which is after work. Sometimes the inlaws show it for them. Buyers are shown through with no screening or qualification. Advertising is largely non-existent. The home was put out on the market in a hurry with limited (or no) pre-listing preparation. It has no local print or MLS representation. But they’re getting showings…

Home B - 95% of the potential buyers know about it. The home was prepared for listing for 3 weeks prior to going on the market. Professional photography, professional video and staging all go together in the marketing. Showings are scheduled. Buyers screened. Showings lead to leverage. Objections are handled. Buyers are moved towards offers. Phone calls are made. Emails. Texts.

Which home do you think is going to attract the most interest? Which property is going to sell at a higher price? Which seller is going to experience less stress or contract issues?

Or as a buyer, are you really getting the drilled down data on a neighbourhood? How about knowledge and advice regarding a homes age or potential electrical and plumbing issues? Are the foundation issues in that neighbourhood? What conditions do you need? How about financing issues? Do you sell first or buyer first? What conditions or clauses do you need to include in an offer that will put you in a strong negotiating position? The list really does go on…

Whether seller or buyer, there really is more to it however hopefully you get the point. The point is that while it is natural and logical to try to save money, the grass on the other side of that fence may not be so green after all. In fact, without proper representation, whether buying or selling, you could be leaving money on the table!

If you’d like to sit down with us and have a chat (and/or grill us with all of your questions!) then please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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