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b-LOG: Doing the Work

b-LOG: Doing the Work
Date Posted: 01/03/2017

We get up and go to work. While at work, we lift, we think, we hustle and we go home. Whether we work up a sweat, run our mind ragged, inspire ourselves and others or sleep walk through the day, there is one commonality across the board.


When we are at work, we are exchanging our time for whatever it is we do. There is a direct correlation between our willingness to give up our time and the love (or lack of) that we have for our work but that is another story for another b-LOG.

How does this relate to home selling? When we meet with sellers in the pre-listing consultation phase, an important part of the conversation is the preparation and work (yes…work) that goes into the presentation of the home.

On occasion we’ll get resistance at the idea of doing work. Moving boxes, repairing a broken door, cleaning out the garage, tidying up the kids bedrooms, weeding and mulching the gardens. Yes, it’s all work but let’s go back to the exchange of time for whatever it is we do. In this case, we are exchanging our time (and possibly some money and physical work) for a larger sale price.

What if you exchanged 20 hours for an extra $18,000 in the sale price. Do the math on that!

That works out to $900 per hour. For greater context, that’s at $36,000 40 hour work week.

So, when you are contemplating or debating whether doing that work is worth it, remember that math.

Now, the finesse and key to leveraging that time is doing the smart work. The work that creates the greatest value.

Wink wink. That is where we come in.

Contact us anytime to get started.


…photo credit goes to Devrat Jadon