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Photo of Vicky Boucher
Vicky Boucher
Sales Representative

The story of how I found myself living in Niagara is similar to many. Born and raised in Sarnia, I enrolled at Brock University where I graduated with a BA in Geography with a focus on Urban Development. That part is more unique to me but like so many others, Niagara quickly grew on me and felt like home.

The decision to stay here after graduating was a surprisingly easy one. Niagara felt like the place where I wanted to put down roots. Further to the point, several family members came out here to visit and did the same, making Niagara their home as well!

Family is very important to me. My parents are both from families of ten (10) so I have an extensive network of aunts, uncles and cousins scattered from far and wide! Family reunions are a fairly complex process with our crew! In addition, I am extremely proud of my 2 sons, Jakob and Kyle, who have grown up to be genuine and respectful young men.

Following 15 years in the Insurance Business with extensive experience with property insurance policies, I feel like I have been involved in the world of real estate for a long time. I pride myself on my work with clients. Getting to know them and their goals, what is important to them and then working diligently to help them get from A to B is hugely rewarding for me.

I am a proud member of THEbTEAM since 2018. Having an experienced Real Estate duo such as James Broderick and Patrick Burke as your partners and mentors is invaluable and something new clients should take great comfort in when working with me as their REALTOR®.

Any nicknames?
Chee Chee. V. Vikstr.
Favourite concert ever?
Little River Band in 2019. Drove 4 hours to see them!
Favourite restaurant in Niagara?
The Keg. Purely for their baked garlic shrimp
A place you haven't been to yet that's on your list?
Cilantro in your guacamole. Yes or No?

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