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What Does THEbTEAM Do Differently?

At the end of the day, residential resale real estate is an emotional process. You have a buyer who is anxious, excited and quite possibly stressed into oblivion at the prospect of buying a home. On the other side of the table you have a seller that is likely anxious, excited and quite possibly stressed into their own oblivion. In the middle are their representatives. Where does the REALTOR® fit in? Your representative needs to be flexible, proactive and hard working. Relentless. As driven in week 8 of the listing as they are on day 8.

Then there are the people involved. The impact of the emotions of the buyer and seller can be massive. Exceptional interpersonal skills are crucial. Taking ourselves out of the equation and putting the mindset of the buyer and seller first is paramount. Anyone can put a home up for sale. Anyone can run an ad in the paper. Anyone can hold an open house. The successful REALTOR® is able to read signals, identify opportunities and work with people through a challenging time. What are the personality types involved of the people involved. Are they complimentary? Conflicting?

Market effectively to the right buyer. Then systematically follow up with leads and work with them until offer or offers arrive. Then negotiate. Remember, everything can go perfectly until an offer arrives. Everything else at that point is irrelevant. Properly negotiating and working through the offer process is really where the professional REALTOR® shines. So to answer the question, what do we do differently? The difference between one REALTOR® to another is just that. The REALTOR® is the difference.

Make sure you interview and hire the REALTOR® that inspires the most confidence in you.

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