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The “Right” One

Is the correct course of action to hope ‘the right one’ comes along or is it to improve what you’re offering in order to attract the right one.

~ Hope for the best vs. Attract the best ~

At the risk of comparing the process of selling a home to the ‘singles scene’, the concept is worth looking at. If someone is hoping to attract that special someone, there are obvious and somewhat simple ways to help the cause. Wearing his lawn cuttin’ hat and favourite track pants is probably not the best first step. Not to say several don’t take this approach. Standing alongside the bar hoping the right person comes along can possibly work…who is to say the ‘right person’ won’t love that style.

Now take that same candidate. Add a haircut, clothes that show some type of effort has been made and a proactive attitude and the chances of finding ‘the right one’ increase exponentially.

Add the same approach to selling your home and the concept is pretty obvious. Price your home realistically and related to the current market. Take the time and effort to prepare your home. Landscape. Paint. Clean. Dust. De-clutter. Straighten. Fix. Shine. Get rid of that lawn cuttin’ hat and make your home look its best.

Only then will you attract the best buyer candidate for your home. Not to say hoping the buyer will come along won’t work but it’s fair to say, your chances greatly improve when proper preparation takes place.

The result? A home that is sold and sold for more money.

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