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The Power of Influence

The action of an individual is largely affected by outside influence. Whether it is the individual’s personal moral code or the pressure from family and friends, our actions are usually based on a combination of us and how we see ourselves fitting into the outside world. The same applies virtually across the board. The actions of the individuals, corporations, governments and above have all led Greece into the financial position they are in today. Their situation is influencing and having a huge impact on surrounding nations, Europe and potentially on a global scale.

I read an article in a national newspaper today stating that an average bungalow in Vancouver is now at $1M. Yes, 1 million Canadian dollars. As outrageous as that is, it is often our national newspapers that produce numerous real estate market reports indicating trend forecasts, sales results, average price movement and on and on. And guess what happens? We, the people, read these articles or watch them on television and absorb this news into our daily lives. Particularly if we are about to buy or sell a home.

This is where the outside influence can kick in.

Give some time to consider who your buyer is. What are they doing? Where are they coming from? What information and media are they digesting? Are they retired? In their 20’s?

If the 6 major markets in our country show a decrease in sales volume or prices, rest assured that will be at or near the front page or home screen. Is it relevant to our market? On a week to week basis, not necessarily. Can it impact the public thought process? You bet it can.

In times like these, sometimes, you as a seller, have to go that extra mile to overcome or compensate for what may be a buyer ‘under the influence’. Spend that extra week prior to listing getting the to-do list taken care of. Then, schedule 30 minutes a day of routine maintenance to keep your home showing its best, especially in the first 3 weeks of the listing period.

Think of the golfer that says they are not score board watching on Sunday. Whether or not it’s the truth, there is something to be said about a golfer walking up to the 12th tee on Sunday, with only a handful of holes left, not knowing whether they’re 4th or 24th. Their only focus is on doing their best.

Once you have made the decision to sell, the next steps are logical ones. Interview Realtors. Hire THEbTEAM. (wink wink). Establish a listing price and marketing strategy. Then focus on the task at hand knowing your home will be well positioned and competitive when it hits the market. Turn off the outside influence and go for it with confidence!

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