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The Listing Period

Priced correctly and well presented, any home will have a great chance of selling. What we find consistently happens though is the home owner that puts more work into getting their home ready for market ends up selling in a shorter period of time and for more money.

Consider the listing period to apply to the 30 days prior to the FOR SALE sign going in the ground. If your goal is to list your home on February 15th, then the process should start on January 15th. Obviously each home is different and will require more or less amounts of effort, but the general idea applies.

There are several simple and cost effective changes any homeowner can make that will help increase the appeal.
What we often do is a pre-listing consultation that could include a complimentary staging consultation as well. Suggestions could range from simple landscaping ideas to how to de-clutter closet and storage space to maximizing the appeal of a 30 year old kitchen.

Once a list and order of importance is established, the time to get to work arrives. The upside to this is two-fold. One is you are going to move anyway so all the de-cluttering and boxing up will help a lot (!) when moving day arrives. Another factor to consider is this: a typical homeowner goes to work to make a certain number of dollars per week. The simple and often easy suggestions that we make will add dollars onto the ultimate sale price of your home…most likely in the thousands of dollars.

So, if your home is listed and sells in 10 days consider the pre-listing work and time as part of the overall listing. We often see homes that are simply put up for sale with no pre-listing effort made. This quite often will not only extend the number of days on the market but will also bring in a lower dollar amount.

Compare it to selling a car. We often use this analogy but it works. If you are selling your car, you will likely vacuum, scrub, wash and clean out the interior. Why wouldn’t that same effort be made when selling a much more expensive and valuable family asset?

If you are considering a move, feel free to contact us anytime. We would be glad to meet with you at your home and offer a complimentary market evaluation and listing package with all the suggestions and ideas that you will need to get your home ready to sell.

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