• Jim Broderick, Sales Rep | Patrick Burke, Broker | Vicky Boucher, Sales Rep

Looking back at the last year, we have dealt with a wide range in properties, ranging from larger, higher end properties to more typical family bungalows to condo apartments to new construction. No matter how different the property, price or location, the bottom line is that in order to properly market any property sometimes requires the marketer (us) to stand back and as the cliché of the last few years goes, think outside the box.

Our business has largely been based on listings for the last few years. A danger in any business where any kind of repetition takes place is habit. Routine. A to B to C. Finish one step and then expect the next. Of critical importance in our day to day work is to ensure that routines are not expected. Take nothing for granted and treat each property as an individual process. Assess what it is, where it fits into the market, who is the likely buyer, where are the strengths, the weaknesses and on and on it goes.

We have had a few challenges in the last few weeks. Not problems but opportunities for growth and development. A chance to stand back and, uh oh, here it is again….think outside the box. The common denominator in it all is with every product to sell, there seems to be that one, straight forward, stripped down variable that once discovered, greatly increases the chance for success.

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