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The Clean Sweep

We have seen several examples in recent weeks of the importance of getting a home cleaned and properly prepared for sale. It is an interesting situation really…we humans will go to work for many hours per week to earn an income. When it comes time to move, a lot of people have a tough time getting to work on their home. It is understandable that after a long day at work, the last thing we want to do is spend nights working on our home. If at all possible though, we find it is best if the homeowner gets into the frame of mind as their home becoming a source of income.

For example, consider a typical 3 bedroom bungalow with a finished basement. Overall there are no real surprises. A traditional layout with several updates but some dated décor in some areas.

Taking the time (maybe a day, or a week-end or even a month) to properly clean and prepare that home may make a difference of thousands of dollars in the sale price. If there are boxes of books, old hockey equipment, winters coats stuffed in the closet (and its July!), marks around the baseboards, old light fixtures in the bedrooms…well, you get the point. Cleaning, fixing and replacing may cost you some time and a little bit of money but the return on that effort will be worth it.
Another way to come to grips with the “fun” of preparing a home for selling is by getting into the mindset that you are moving. If you are moving you are going to have to pack up everything (and we mean everything) anyway so why not get started. And when you have packed up those records, cross country skiis, books etc., get them out of the house if possible. Whether it is a family member’s garage, donating to charity or a rented storage unit, it will be worth it.

Consider the competition. If you were a buyer looking for a home similar to yours, how many others can you find on the market? If there are 14 other homes similar to yours, your home needs to stand out. It needs to be crisp, clean and presenting its absolute best to attract an offer. Otherwise, the other clean and crisp home will. This doesn’t mean putting in a $30,000 kitchen and ripping apart the bathroom. It may be as simple as de-cluttering, painting a few rooms and landscaping the backyard. Again, quite possibly inexpensive solutions that can result in increased interest and a higher selling price.

Bottom line…a simplified and clean house that is priced correctly will sell for more and take less time. This is particularly important if you have an offer in on another house conditional on the sale of yours.

Plan, plan and then plan some more. In the end, your stress level will be reduced and you may even enjoy the process!
If you would like to meet with us to discuss your home, please CONTACT US at anytime. Even if you’re not moving for another few years, it never hurts to get planning.

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