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Prepare Your Home ::: Prepare Your Mind

All too often the client that we meet in the beginning of the process is quite a bit different than the client we meet at offer time.

As a buyer or seller, we usually plan and prepare prior to selling or buying. We clean. Paint. Go to the bank. Make needs and wants list. Drive around neighbourhoods. Garden. The list goes on.

These are all great things to do. Preparation is key.

The physical preparation doesn’t always translate however into psychological preparation.

As a seller, be prepared for ‘what could happen’. How are we going to deal with an offer of ‘x’? What should we do with an offer contingent on ‘y’? What about showing requests at 8:30pm? Are we prepared for the concept of showing #31 and #32 which may happen?

As a buyer, have a plan. It can be a grind chasing down that home that you will fall in love with. Mentally prepare for the process. How can we, the buyer(s) add some good-times to the process? Believe it or not, there are ways.

One key word applies, whether buyer or seller. Positivity.

The power of positivity is crucial to your mental health during what can quickly become a stressful event.

And make no mistake, positivity takes preparation. As soon as negativity creeps in, you’re ability to properly negotiate a difficult situation will be hampered.

Prepare your home.
Prepare your buyers plan.
And just as important, prepare your mind.

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