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Perspective of the Outsider

We residents of any city can have a tendency of getting complacent or “used to” our surroundings to the point that we grow indifferent to them. In our day-to-day real estate lives, we get what may be a surprising number of ‘outsiders’ looking for a home in the Niagara region. They are drawn here for various reasons including affordability, wine country, proximity to the border, great golf courses, greenbelt and surrounding parkland plus many others.

Ultimately, they may see aspects of where we live that we don’t notice as much. The Niagara Parkway in autumn is a great example. As a local, we should all make sure to do that drive at some point in the fall. Get a tea or coffee, pick a destination for lunch or walk and hit the road. But when you go, bring the perspective of someone taking in their surroundings, not checking their watch until they have to return.

When we meet with and drive with people from other cities to go home shopping, they often notice things that we don’t or forget to even look for! The Welland Canal is a good example. It draws a lot of visitors and really is quite an interesting feature that stretches across our region. Do we look at it for anything other than an inconvenience when trying to cross over?

So, on that note, check out this great HD video of a ship making the trip from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario in less than 10 minutes!


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