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Offer Options

When selling anything, there are 2 types of products. Products that can be changed in order to facilite a sale and those that are fixed products which have the option to change the ‘bells and whistles’ in order to sweeten the deal. Milk used to be a fixed product. Then came chocolate milk. Then strawberry, if only temporarily. Cars too are available in various trim levels and a wide range of prices.

Need a new roof? Get 3 roofers to give you a quote. Then see what sweetener options there are that may set one quote apart from another. 

Apply the concept to selling your home. If you are home number 7 out 11 on your street, you will need to offer options. They can be simple. They can be imaginative. Have a swimming pool? Pre-pay the pool opening and closing for the next 2 years.

Have a large property and selling your home in August? How about offering to have the grass cut for the remainder of the season so the new owners can move in and not be concerned with outside maintenance.

How about those bold paint colours or outdated carpet in the kid’s bedrooms? They don’t have to be obstacles to a sale. Rather, by presenting them as options, you can actually open up more opportunities to reach a wider range of buyers. 

~ It’s all in how the message is delivered ~

Thinking of listing? Feel free to contact us at any time and we would be glad to visit you at your home and discuss options!

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