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b-LOG: Moving with Pets – Advice and Tips to Help Them Adjust

b-LOG: Moving with Pets – Advice and Tips to Help Them Adjust

Moving is no small chore. Even if you hire movers, there is still a great deal to get done in a short period of time.

But while we do what we can to reduce our own stress, we must also remember the family pets and how a move impacts them.

Whether it’s across town or across the country, it is important to see the move from your pet’s point of view.

Here are some simple and quick initiatives you can take to help Fido, Fluffy or Taco the Goldfish adjust.

Restrict Access – Before your moving day, consider restricting access to certain areas of the home using gates or closed doors.

Pack Them Last – There will be less time for your pet to stress if you save packing their favourite items until last. And fight the urge to wash their bedding and blankets. Their will rely on familiar smells to stay calm.

Safe Travel – During a move, ensure your pet travels in a safe and secure carrier. Add their favourite blanket or toys to make it more comfortable for them during the trip. It may be a good idea to get them used to their carrier before moving day to get them into the habit of using it. If hotels are necessary, make sure they are pet-friendly before booking.

Maintaining Habits – During and after the move, it is important to maintain feeding times, walks, etc so your pet doesn’t feel something is amiss.

Give Them the Tour – Before allowing your cat or dog to run free in your new home, give them the tour while leashed. Show them their new surroundings and allow them to explore a little. The sooner they get used to the new smells, the sooner they will feel at home.

Update License – If you use tags to identify your pet, don’t forget to update them with your new address.

Enjoy! – Now that the move is complete, spend time together and make some great memories with your pet in your new home.

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