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Moving: A Realtor’s Perspective – Part Two

—-See Part One—-

Quick summary of the journey so far ::

Packed. Cleaned. Prepared. Included kids. Arranged babysitters. Unloaded kids. Colour coded labels. Took deep breathes. Waited. Drank water. Ate lunch. Got keys. Muddy foot movers muddied my new clean home. Missing television. Heavy rain. Water in garage.

So, carrying on…

I am still rolling with the punches. I knew that it was an older garage, I knew that the roof downspouts drained onto the driveway, and I also knew that the driveway is at a low spot on the property, I just didn’t expect it to leak on the first day. The house and land is now mine, along with any problems that go with it.

My only realistic choice is to “get to it later” (my wife loves that part of me), so maybe repairing a wet garage can be a future blog. Fortunately for us the big drama is over. No more crazy problems and no more unwanted surprises. It’s just your everyday, run of the mill, marathon-like, back breaking move. At this point in the day, the similarities between a move and a marathon are shockingly similar. The common denominator is pace. Steady, balanced and reasonable are the words of the day. You will thank yourself when you get to this point in the day.

By 5:30 pm, the movers are done, paid, partially fed and slightly tipped, so my wife and I both have a “we’re almost done” beverage and congratulate each other on a job well done (so far). Again, the pace and stamina really factor in here as your work is far from done.

Your skill and packing methods are crucial to the next few hours and days of your life. For many males, the beauty of packing is that you just grab as much stuff as possible and wedge it into a box until the box starts to split at the seams. If that’s your method, just remember that you also have to unpack said boxes.

My packing methods were somewhere in the middle. Therefore, six days later yours truly is still unpacking boxes, every night. Open. Unpack. Open. Unpack. Packing starts the move and unpacking finishes it. Like a marathon, finish strong! Don’t be the runner getting wheeled onto an ambulance!

Top 10 Tips For Moving ::
10) Be realistic. Give yourself a few days to move
9) Expect some annoying, unexpected issues/delays to occur.
8) Take deep breaths and keep everything in perspective. (see #9).
7) If you are purchasing a home where the current owners are a bit on the untidy side, maybe you can expect to do some cleaning and “junk removing” before you move in. Speak to your REALTOR (ie: THEbTEAM!) about ways to protect yourself.
6) Go into moving day as well rested as possible.
5) If at all possible, start early. Ask us for our Moving Schedule brochure, complete with a planning schedule for the weeks prior to moving day.
4) Don’t go with the cheapest lawyer, go with a proven one. If ‘issues’ arise, a lawyer with a good reputation will want to keep it and will fight harder for you.
3) Give special attention to what and how you pack. Remember, the moving labels concept. Again, check with us. We also provide moving labels.
2) Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. It’s tempting to “keep going” but hungry/dehydrated is not going to help anyone.
1) Call THEbTEAM! We would be glad to meet and discuss all aspects of a move.

Good Luck, Jim!

Thank-you for visiting.


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