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Make Your Home Different

Have you ever wondered why you decided to pick one product versus another? What was the difference between the two? Essentially, the competition may have been similar, but there was that one factor that pushed you to choose one amongst the rest. Perhaps it was price or a particular ingredient. With a house, perhaps it was the cedar deck and professional landscaping. Or maybe the clean and fresh painted interior with that “cool bonus room” that the buyer didn’t expect to see.
The point is when selling something setting your product apart from the competition is huge. Check out the other houses in your area that may attract similar buyers and see what they have to offer. How do those homes look from the curb? What paint colour or general décor do they have? If you have a newer kitchen while the others do not, accentuate that fact. If you have extensive gardens, then perhaps offering the services of a gardener in the fall to come and explain all of the plants and what to do when may be a bonus. At a cost of $25 or $30 an hour, it may be money well spent.

Looking at your home from the curb, your first impression will go a long way to differentiate your home as well. Make it as neat and tidy as possible. Investing in a new light and mailbox and perhaps painting the front door to add some pop will help.

There are many neighbourhoods in our area that have similar looking homes up and down the street. If you are selling a side split built in 1974 in the north end of St.Catharines or a 5 year old 2 storey in a newer area of Niagara Falls, your home really needs to stand out amongst the competition in order to secure the most interest and highest possible sale price.
There are countless ideas and tips that we have in order in improve your home with as little cost and effort as possible. Don’t be fooled though…it can be work! If you are able and/or willing to do the work (or have someone else do it), it will be worth it.

Particularly if you are one of 8 other homes in your area that are for sale, you must present something the others don’t offer or else you will have a challenging time. Your home doesn’t necessarily have to offer more size or a brand new kitchen. It could simply be cleaner, have fresh paint, refreshed bathroom or any number of improvements.

Having trouble deciding what would make sense? We are more than happy to meet with you and discuss some ideas that could help set your home apart from the rest. A professional home staging company may help with some ideas as well. As part of our services, we cover the cost of the home stager and their ideas may provide the extra push that you need to compete and SELL!
The bottom line: Don’t be one of the masses. Be different. Be unique. Then get sold!!

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