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LISTING RESTORATION : Bringing your home back to life on the market

Think of your home as 1 of 8 people who meet the 1st Saturday of every month to play poker.

The first 5 or 6 meetings, it is fresh and new. Then a few months later, the routine starts to set in.

The anticipation lessens. Maybe everyone is 5 or 10 minutes late rather than 15 minutes early. “Where’s John?” “I don’t know…I’m not sure if he’s coming”.

End of year one and the buzz has warn off and you’re simply playing cards with some buddies. The novelty, while still there, has slipped. A gamblers Law of Diminishing Returns. Yes…that’s High School economics coming in handy!

Now, in the selling of a home, YOUR home can easily become one of those eight at the table.

6 weeks have gone by and you aren’t getting major activity so you reduce your asking price by $2,000.

Next time your home is looked at by “the market”, will it still look like one of the eight? Probably.

Now back to the poker table. Gary can’t make it this month so his buddy Chris is coming out instead. All of a sudden, the table of 8 looks different. The atmosphere changes. Maybe the jokes fly a little quicker or the pace is changed.

Something has changed.

A routine has changed. The status quo was altered. The norm ain’t the norm anymore!

When your home is on the market for a while and then re-introduced in some way, whether after an expiry or price adjustment, make sure the change is enough to alter the status quo. Make sure your home is noticed!

Don’t be just another one sitting at the table!

Otherwise, the marketplace will see your home as just another one of the eight sitting around the table.

Restore the novelty with some LISTING RESTORATION.

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