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Is Now a Good Time

This business of real estate can be greatly affected by our weather. Spring 2011 was a bit funky to navigate thanks to the constant diet of cold and rainy weather. Not the most inspiring time to get out house hunting.

Fast forward to present day and so far we have a completely different year weather-wise. The next few weeks are largely calling for just below or just above zero with loads of blue skies. Will this affect the overall attitude of buyers out there? Will the unexpected diet of vitamin D thanks to all this sunlight help inspire the masses in normally dreary February?

We shall see but in our conversations with fellow Realtors, the word on the street is that there does seem to be more activity in general. Higher attendance than normal at open houses. More general inquiries through Realtor.ca. More sign and ad calls. All pointing to a more active, vibrant market than 12 months previous.

So… is now a good time to sell.

Well, from a supply and demand perspective, it seems it may just be a good time to sell. Several areas of St. Catharines are undersupplied. For example, north of Lakeshore Road (at the time of writing this), there are only 21 properties for sale on MLS. In an area with a few thousand homes, that is not a huge supply.

So, if you have something to sell where supply is limited, economists would tell you, yes, it is a good time to sell.

Not sure where your home fits into today’s market?

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