• Jim Broderick, Sales Rep | Patrick Burke, Broker | Vicky Boucher, Sales Rep

Essentially there are 3 components to selling anything. Whether it’s a bottle of water or your home, these 3 items must be considered:

1. Price
2. Presentation
3. Marketing

Over nearly 40 years of combined real estate experience, we have learned that paying close attention to all 3 is the first step towards a successful sale. Often people (REALTORS® included) are in a rush to get a home on the market. While the marketing piece of the puzzle is very important, Step #2 (Presentation) can determine the ultimate success and sale price.

Part of our Marketing plan for your home will also cover the Presentation which includes how to prepare your home for market factoring in the various demographics that we will be targeting.

Once we have arrived at a Listing Price (Step #1) and completed the Presentation (Step #2), we will also discuss Marketing (Step #3) with you.

The successful sale of your home begins with a plan tailor-fit to your specific needs that is also compatible with changing market conditions. Your exclusive fully integrated marketing plan will include:

Strong Online Presence – The internet is an extremely important tool in our Integrated Marketing Plan. Your home will be viewed online through multiple web sites including:

(1) Realtor.ca – With more than 1 billion hits annually.

(2) McGarrRealty.com – Our Corporate website.

(3) THEbTEAM.ca – Our own website.

(4) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other Social Media – We make use of all social media sites to promote your property.

(5) The Real Estate Book – We proudly advertise in The Real Estate Book: the largest brand in real estate advertising serving hundreds of markets in the U.S. and Canada. Yes it is a book however it also has a strong online presence.

(6) Aventure – this affiliation connects our brokerage coast to coast with other independent brokerages forming the fastest growing real estate organization in Canada.

(7) LeadingRE – this affiliation connects us with a powerful network of over 500 firms with over 3,500 offices across the globe producing more annual home sales than any other real estate network. Member brokerages of Leading RE completed over 1 million transactions totaling over $300 billion of real estate last year.

Beautiful Photography – We haven’t taken a listing photo in nearly a decade! We know what we’re good at and what we need help with and that is why we have hired professional photographers since 2006. These professional photographs will be used across the board for all marketing.

Matterport 3D Tour – This is a revolutionary tool in real estate which allows a prospective buyer from out of town to stroll through your home from the comfort of theirs. We can discuss this as a potential tool for the marketing of your home.

Professional Video Tour – We have work with a professional film crew for several years on various projects. This slowly grew to including professional and impressive listing videos which again allow a prospective buyer to fall in love with your home before they’ve even seen it!

Free Home Staging – This comes back to Presentation (Step #2). We will provide you with the services of an excellent Home Stager who will provide us with a report for your home. The presentation and “feel” that a buyer has when coming into your home should never be underestimated. You may be surprised at the difference that a few hours of work and some furniture placement can have!

MLS Done Right! – Properly presented MLS exposure is huge! Your home and all associated marketing and presentation will be available to our network and contacts, not to mention the many Realtors and their potential buyers. Not only will your home be on MLS, but it will be on with a professional created presentation, well crafted promotional materials and a Pulitzer prize worthy write up!

The McGarr Realty Home Team – Consistently producing far above industry standards, we are an independent group of successful and motivated Realtors who recognize the importance and benefit of working as a team. As an office, we will tour your home personally and be able to discuss it with clients or members of the public that express interest.

Print Media – Your home will be advertised regularly in numerous print media outlets. McGarr Realty controls the back page of the Homes Section in The St. Catharines Standard every week which is arguably the crown jewel of weekly real estate advertising in the area. As well, you will see us in publications across Niagara including the Niagara Falls Review, Niagara Advance, Welland Tribune and others.

Open House – The jury is still out on whether or not an open house can help. In our opinion, the ability of the REALTOR® becomes very important in an open house setting. The individuals coming in are all different. The ability of the Realtor to read the people that are walking through your front door is so important. Some homes benefit from open houses, some do not require them. That is part of our pre-listing conversation that we will have with you.

That “light purple” sign! – Call it pink, call it fuscia, call it whatever you’d like! Our corporate For Sale sign stands out regardless of the weather.

Behind the Scenes – At the end of the day, the listing REALTOR® is hired to work, follow up, promote, advocate, advertise, answer questions, problem solve and bring you opportunities. That is what we do. While your home is listed, you will have a team working behind the scenes to bring you an offer (or offers!) that you will be thrilled with.