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b-LOG: Perspective From Over the Pond

During a recent trip to England, I had the pleasure of chatting with numerous locals about how homes are bought and sold in that lovely country. The big city (a.k.a. London) is vicisiously short on supply which is resulting in stories full of puzzling decision making, angst ridden buyers and eye-popping purchase prices. For example, […]

b-LOG: Reduce the Big Negotiables

In a real estate negotiation, having 4 or 5 (or 6) big negotiables will only complicate the process. What is a negotiable? A negotiable is an item that needs to be agreed upon in order to move forward in the transaction. The biggest negotiable of them all is (99% of the time) the price. Money […]

b-LOG: Putting a Value on Perceived Value

In most of our homes, we as the homeowner often see a value that not all buyers will see. We feel or perceive a value in that tropical basement hot tub room or imported mosaic tile that others may feel is ‘not so pretty’. In general, we can all agree that there is a range […]

b-LOG: The FEAR FACTOR of Competing Offers

We have had a few situations recently where a buyer (not our buyer) has backed off of a property because they “don’t want to compete” in a multiple offer situation. The fear and reluctance with competing is understandable. Submitting an offer with no other buyer’s on the horizon is stressful for the average person. Throw […]

b-LOG: The $5,000 Difference

Another example of the difference 5 or 6 years makes. Back in the booming 2005 or 2006 real estate market, the buyer was somewhat at the mercy of the seller. The dining room negotiating table was definitely tilted in the favour of the seller. A sample conversation went something like this: REALTOR: “The market value […]