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b-LOG: The Real Estate Ball Game

b-LOG: The Real Estate Ball Game

It’s the top of the first inning in the Niagara Region Real Estate League. January 2020 is the home team, up against January 2019. With 2019 coming off a decent season, 2020 knows it has its work cut out for it. The Niagara Region Baseball Stadium is packed with unmasked fans clutching all the expected […]

b-LOG: Those Toronto Buyers

b-LOG: Those Toronto Buyers

We’re hearing that a lot. In fact, daily. Possibly hourly.  The “locals” are mad that “those Toronto buyers” are driving prices up. They’re coming into our turf and causing everything to go up. They’re ruining it for everyone else. They’re the reason prices are up x%.  Is that true?  No.  …and partly yes.  Let’s clarify. […]



Another month and another bucket of stats gets thrown around for our local real estate market. If there is one thing we’re learning on a monthly basis is there were things happening in 2017 that make year over year comparisons a dangerous prospect. Exhibit A: For the city of Thorold, the average sale price for […]

b-LOG: 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Report

b-LOG: 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Finally, spring is here, well…according to the calendar anyways. With spring, comes the anticipation of another spring market for us Realtors and you sellers and buyers. This spring comes at the tail end of an unprecedented and very active 24 months in the Niagara real estate market. While still active and strong, it is clear […]

b-LOG: Niagara Real Estate Market Update August 1 – October 31. Looking Back to 2015

b-LOG: Niagara Real Estate Market Update August 1 – October 31. Looking Back to 2015

In a market that is changing like ours, we are trying to look back in 90 day or year-to-date segments. Looking at 30 day time periods is too small a sample size, at least in our un-official opinion! For the last 90 days (Aug 1 – Oct 31) we looked at year over year for […]

b-LOG: 2014 Market Summary

b-LOG: 2014 Market Summary

In large part, 2014 was another year of relative predictability in St.Catharines. In general, we saw modest gains in nearly all areas of the city with only a few spots showing negative growth. Statistics being statistics though should always be taken with a grain of salt. A bit example of that is Port Dalhousie west […]

b-LOG: Things to Consider for the Seller in 2014

Looking back over the last several years, we seemed to have been in this perpetual cycle of ‘the economy is improving’…no wait… ‘things are bad’ …wait… ‘they’re going to improve’ …but… ‘prices are going to come down by x%’ …and then… ‘the market out-performed expectations for that quarter’. And around and around we went and […]

b-LOG: September Market Summary

One of the interesting aspects of residential real estate in St.Catharines is it generally behaves in a predictable, general positive and somewhat (in a good way) boring manner. No sudden swings in any direction. Modest increases somewhere in the vicinity of the rate of inflation are a common occurrence. While we read about double digit […]

b-LOG: July Market Summary

We have officially moved through the most active months of the year and as we had suspected, sales volume has mostly caught up after a slow start to the year. As well, somewhat predictably for our area, price has edged up in typical fashion while days on the market (DOM) values have come down. Just […]

b-LOG: July – When Sellers Become Buyers

Quite often this time of year, a decent part of the market loosens up (or has loosened up already). As more homes sell, more offers are made and less “conditional on the buyer’s property” offers are made. The result is accelerated schedules, more competition, reduced days on market numbers and quite often, less stress. Of […]

b-LOG: June Market Summary

The first half of 2013 comes to a close and the market has been behaving itself somewhat along the lines of what we expected. Overall sales volume is levelling out when compared with last year in spite of the slow, weather-dampened beginning we had in 2013. You will see in this first graph that the […]

b-LOG: May Market Summary

Interesting to write our monthly market blog for St.Catharines at the same time as numerous reports are released from major media citing reports of trouble brewing. Seems like we have been reading that for 4 or 5 years now but that’s another story. A friend of mine in Toronto listed his semi-detached 2 bedroom home […]

b-LOG: April Market Summary

April 2013 Market Summary for St. Catharines Another month passes and another group of statistics arrive that more or less supports basic economics and all of those supply and demand discussions. If you recall spring 2012, we had a much warmer, much earlier spring than the anti-spring that we have experienced this year. It is […]

b-LOG: National Real Estate Market Info is Helpful but lets talk LOCAL as well!

We have been reading several articles posted discussing the real estate market and how sales have ‘plunged’. Check today’s Globe and Mail (Oct 16, 2012) for example. These articles are great for some but the challenge with this type of information, particularly when they are citing monthly sales year over year, is that they are […]

The January Numbers

The numbers for January came in and in general, they were generally average. New listings for the region were down 26%. A slower market also saw total sales down 16% for the month however that could be expected with the sleepy January we had. Interesting to note that total closings for the month were off […]

2010 Market Summary

Well, another year comes to a close in our local Real Estate community. Since September 2008, we have definitely had an interesting ride! The quick and unexpected dive that we saw in the months following Sept 2008 caught everyone off guard. Over the course of the next year, we saw those losses recovered with a […]

October Market Information

Well, another interesting month passes by in the local (and national) real estate market. Total listings (in Niagara) for the month were almost identical to 2009 (1153 in 2010 vs. 1142 in 2009) however the total for the year is up 8% thanks to the front loaded nature of 2010. Total sales for the year […]

September Market Info

Well, the numbers are in…here are some of the results for September:1. St.Catharines sales for the month were down 16% versus Sept 2009 as were listings which were down 14%. This is largely reflected to the mishandled GST to HST fiasco. Average price for the city was up 6.9% however, sitting at $219,800 for the […]