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Condos, Condos, Condos

Are condos for everyone? Well, not exactly. But, condos are often the victim of misunderstandings leading to an undeserved bad reputation. Friends tell friends, uncles tell their niece, facebook ‘friends’ tell facebook ‘friends’….and more often than not, the meaning of ‘condo’ gets lost in the message. The word ‘condo’ simply defines the type of ownership. […]

New bungalow townhome development listed!

Check out The Townes at Mount Carmel. This enclave of bungalow townhomes offers a different take on what has become such a traditional layout. With 7 different plans, each with their own variation, there are plenty of options to configure a townhome just the way you like. Follow this link to the virtual tour: http://homesite.obeo.com/viewer/default.aspx?tourid=632445&refURL=&locale=en-US […]