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b-LOG: The Your-House Hotel

b-LOG: The Your-House Hotel

Think of your house as a hotel. Overall, it’s quite the nice place. A lovely entrance and charming lobby with friendly front desk staff. The carpets are fresh, the pool is clean and set at the perfect temperature. The rooms have been mostly renovated with flat screen TVs, spa-like bathrooms and 800 thread count sheets […]

We Got a Guy

Whether you are moving or not, it always helps to know people! Part of our day to day existence as REALTORS brings us into contact with great help. We frequently deal with professionals in flooring installation, appliance sales and repair, furnace, central air, insulation, electrical, landscaping, even carpet stretching! As mentioned, we got a guy! […]

Decor Trends – What to Do?

Décor. A word that means many different things to many different people. The dictionary describes it as “a decorative style or scheme, as of a room.” While we live in our homes, we all choose different décor ideas and techniques that we like at the time. Whether it is painting a dining room dark burgundy, […]