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b-LOG: Mortgages 101. A Pocket Guide to the Types of Mortgages in Canada

b-LOG: Mortgages 101. A Pocket Guide to the Types of Mortgages in Canada

Mortgages. There likely exists no other subject that causes more angst among those looking to purchase real estate. And it is for this reason we nominate mortgages for top honours in our home buying heebie-jeebies awards. Unless you are fortunate enough to be financially privileged, getting a mortgage is a must in order to purchase […]

b-LOG: The 3 Types of Buyers

b-LOG: The 3 Types of Buyers

1. The Browser 2. The If It Happens It Happens 3. The Hunter THE BROWSER: As a home seller, it is important to know which buyer(s) your home is reaching. For example, if open houses mixed with a dash of hope & optimism is your approach, you are most likely to see The Browser come […]

b-LOG: Perspective From Over the Pond

During a recent trip to England, I had the pleasure of chatting with numerous locals about how homes are bought and sold in that lovely country. The big city (a.k.a. London) is vicisiously short on supply which is resulting in stories full of puzzling decision making, angst ridden buyers and eye-popping purchase prices. For example, […]

b-LOG: The Your-House Hotel

b-LOG: The Your-House Hotel

Think of your house as a hotel. Overall, it’s quite the nice place. A lovely entrance and charming lobby with friendly front desk staff. The carpets are fresh, the pool is clean and set at the perfect temperature. The rooms have been mostly renovated with flat screen TVs, spa-like bathrooms and 800 thread count sheets […]

b-LOG: Things to Consider for the Seller in 2014

Looking back over the last several years, we seemed to have been in this perpetual cycle of ‘the economy is improving’…no wait… ‘things are bad’ …wait… ‘they’re going to improve’ …but… ‘prices are going to come down by x%’ …and then… ‘the market out-performed expectations for that quarter’. And around and around we went and […]

b-LOG: What if Open Houses Didn’t Exist

What purpose do open houses hold? Some will tell you that less than 5% of homes sell through open houses. Some Realtors will tell you they sell 25% of their listings through open houses. For some sellers, having open houses as often as possible is a huge request. For others, they have no interest in […]

b-LOG: “But What About…”

When you’re buying virtually anything, questions should be asked. Clarify. Enquire. Verify. Plan. Question. Pause. Proceed. Etcetera. There are 3 types of questions and comments that we routinely hear. 1. “Looking for more general info” questions. 2. “Getting the final info before proceeding” questions. 3. “Fear” questions. In this article we’ll discuss the 3rd category. […]

b-LOG: Reduce Stress and Bridge It!

There is a reason bridges were invented. They allow safe and easy passage over a river or canal or hole in the ground. We could get from A to B without the bridge. We could swim, build rafts, go around the canyon but with the option of a good, solid, structurally sound bridge, why would […]

b-LOG: Find the Five

As we move through July and into August, some home sellers will see decreased activity and interest in their home. This is for several reasons including the fact that a portion of the market’s active buyers have already bought as well as many of us southern Ontarions head north. So, if demand lessens, what are […]

b-LOG: July – When Sellers Become Buyers

Quite often this time of year, a decent part of the market loosens up (or has loosened up already). As more homes sell, more offers are made and less “conditional on the buyer’s property” offers are made. The result is accelerated schedules, more competition, reduced days on market numbers and quite often, less stress. Of […]

b-LOG: The Spring Tipping Point

Every spring we see that definite point in time when the influx of new listing activity is clearly upon us. Sellers typically delay until this time of year for two big reasons. 1. They want to get their home showing its best as the grey tones of winter are replaced with the greens and flowers […]

b-LOG: Which is Better…100 Pennies or 4 Quarters?

I saw a graphic on social media today comparing quantity versus quality, using the pennies versus quarters comparison. The question was, with all things being equal, would you rather have 100 pennies or 4 quarters. It got the (newly 40 year) old real estate brain thinking about how that concept relates to our business. In […]

b-LOG: The FEAR FACTOR of Competing Offers

We have had a few situations recently where a buyer (not our buyer) has backed off of a property because they “don’t want to compete” in a multiple offer situation. The fear and reluctance with competing is understandable. Submitting an offer with no other buyer’s on the horizon is stressful for the average person. Throw […]

When New Isn’t New Anymore

In the business of selling used goods, often, a part or parts of the product have been improved or updated over the years. Think of a used car with brand new tires, a BBQ with new burners or even a house with new furnace and central air. The common (and dangerous) denominator in all of […]

Welcome to the Sprinter Market

As the weather forecast shows sunny with temperatures between 0 and 10 over the next week, the strange false-winter trend looks like it is going to continue. Knock on wood, we may already be easing into spring. Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take this opportunity to coin a new phrase. Sprin-ter [noun] The […]


Growth in any form requires an adjustment. An internal audit of sorts of how we do what we do. More importantly, why we aren’t doing what we should be doing. What are we doing well? Why aren’t we doing the things that we know we should be doing? And the foundation of it all, our […]

We Got a Guy

Whether you are moving or not, it always helps to know people! Part of our day to day existence as REALTORS brings us into contact with great help. We frequently deal with professionals in flooring installation, appliance sales and repair, furnace, central air, insulation, electrical, landscaping, even carpet stretching! As mentioned, we got a guy! […]

$7 Milk

It is true. When selling a single, solitary thing, there can only ultimately be one, single, solitary buyer (ie: individual or couple). How you find him or her and how long you are willing to wait for him or her is another story. A corner store could ask $7 for a bag of milk, with […]

Questions…and More Questions

The most important questions we can sometimes ask are the questions that we may not even be aware of. When at the doctors, we often leave the questions and the answers to our doctors since most of us don’t know what questions to even ask. Same applies for our auto mechanics. Kid’s piano teacher. The […]