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bLOG Entries tagged with "home selling"

Welcome to our World Famous bTEAM bLOG!

We wrote our first bLOG in September 2010 and haven’t stopped since.

The content you will read here is exclusively written by us and only us. They are created and inspired as a result of our day-to-day work as Realtors.

Wide ranging and occasionally entertaining, we hope you can find some useful reading here. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to write about? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

b-LOG: To Sell First or To Buy
Do we buy first or sell first? Do open houses work? We want to be home for that ok? Real estate is full of questions! In this bLOG, we tackle another one.
Irrevocability. An illusive beast sometimes. It's a deadline except when it's not.
b-LOG: 10 Truths About Real Estate (in no particular order)
There are hundreds of truths about real estate. But here are 10 that came to mind quickly.
b-LOG: The Dangers of Discount Popcorn
What do you do when no one wants to see your movie? Discount popcorn! What do you do when no one wants to see your home? Well, that's more complicated....
Posted: 09/01/2019
b-LOG: The $27,000 Ford Tempo
The Ford Tempo. A glorious slice of automotive heaven serves as the vehicle for this blog's message.
b-LOG: To Condo or Not to Condo
It is rare to find a couple who are unanimous in their decision to downsize to a condo. This blog has a closer look at that fun!
b-LOG: The Keys to a Successful Winter Move
In general, we offer a "no winter storm on moving day guarantee" to all of our clients. But when winter does arrive, we have some advice.
b-LOG: The 2 Sides of Negotiation
Everyone arrives at the negotiating table with a different mindset and approach. Aggressive. Timid. Nervous. Panicked. Compassionate. So much to consider...
b-LOG: Cars, Weddings, Baseball & Real Estate
Opening nights. Preparation. Launches. Big reveals. Planning. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. And it even touches on real estate too! :)
b-LOG: Not all rubber duckies are created equal.
Company A saves Seller B several thousand dollars. Company B saves Seller A even mooooore money. But there is one thing that doesn't get discussed....