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bLOG Entries tagged with "2022 market"

Welcome to our World Famous bTEAM bLOG!

We wrote our first bLOG in September 2010 and haven’t stopped since.

The content you will read here is exclusively written by us and only us. They are created and inspired as a result of our day-to-day work as Realtors.

Wide ranging and occasionally entertaining, we hope you can find some useful reading here. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to write about? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

The Niagara Real Estate Market is Changing. It Always Does.
Woah. What's going on out there!? Is it a market slow down? Or is simply the impact of a typical spring market. Have a read!
Posted: 21/04/2022
Has the Niagara real estate market peaked?
Will prices continue to escalate? Will they stay the same? Decrease!? Our latest bLOG attempts to take a closer look.
Posted: 30/03/2022
Free Real Estate Advice.... "You know what I heard!?"
It is no secret that the Niagara Real estate market has been fairly shocking. With unpredictability ruling the day, there are a lot of "experts" out there...
Posted: 10/03/2022
The Real Estate Market is...  Sorry....what happened?
Get ready for some illogical real estate data. The next 5 months or so will be compared to the biggest 6 months in Niagara real estate history....
Selling A Home In Niagara. The 8 Amberwood Story
The sellers of this home were a case study in how to move during an intense market. Step by Step with a plan, patience and a few laughs along the way....
Posted: 17/02/2022
The Real Estate Market Is Making Me Dizzy
If you went to grade school in the 70s (+/-), you'll likely remember the Merry-Go-Round. Possibly the most terrifying instrument of "play" on the playground...
Posted: 11/02/2022
Selling A Home & Getting To The Airport On Time
Passport? Check. Wallet? Check. Boarding pass on your phone? Check. Snacks? Check. Leaving on time for the airport? ...don't worry. We'll be fiiiiiiine...
Eating Before Swimming & Toronto Buyers.
Eating before swimming. Only Toronto agents reach Toronto buyers. It's time to uncover truth about a few of our favourite myths...
Statistical Charcuterie: 2021 Year-End Edition
Our latest bit-sized charcuterie sample board of real estate statistics is served! This one is looking at some of the more interesting points of 2021 in Niagara Real Estate...
The MOST Important Thing To Know In Niagara Real Estate News
There is constant talk about weak supply in the local marketplace. But is it really that the number of listings are bad or is it something else?