• Jim Broderick, Sales Rep | Patrick Burke, Broker | Vicky Boucher, Sales Rep

Decor Trends – What to Do?

Décor. A word that means many different things to many different people. The dictionary describes it as “a decorative style or scheme, as of a room.” While we live in our homes, we all choose different décor ideas and techniques that we like at the time. Whether it is painting a dining room dark burgundy, […]

Landscaping – Money Well Spent

With possibly the best return on your investment, fresh and clean landscaping is time and money well spent. Countless studies and reports have been released detailing the return that a well landscaped property can provide. Curb appeal! We have all heard that expression countless times, and for good reason. When the FOR SALE sign first […]

To Sell or Buy First

Similar to a game of chess, the first steps taken when buying or selling real estate can ultimately determine how successful you are in accomplishing your goals. When we meet with clients who are about to buy or sell a home, the stress and apprehension is often obvious. This is why you should be sure […]