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b-LOG: The Buyer Must Become the Owner

When selling a home, the prospective buyer must become the owner before the seller has sold. As a seller this can sound and feel strange but it is true. I read an article the other day that said ‘there can not be 2 different owners of a home’. In other words, the buyer can’t imagine […]

b-LOG: The Real Estate (non)Salesperson

When you go shopping for a car, are you really, genuinely sold on a car by the salesperson or are you shown around, educated and guided through the possibilities. When you make your ultimate buying decision, was it based on being sold on something by the salesperson or based on you taking into account all […]

b-LOG: Weather Related Real Estate

I read an article the other day and someone made a comment at the bottom of the story that sort of stuck with me. It was related to farming and the comment was that they were largely the only industry or job that is dependent on the co-operation of the weather. A few comments popped […]

b-LOG: Timing the Real Estate Seasons

Every year, the same general trends seem to happen. Not exactly the same, but pretty close. There is of course the “spring market” when a lot of people get into the market either as buyers or sellers or both. Then there is just after labour day weekend when a lot of people push to move […]

701 Geneva Street, Unit 1305, St. Catharines – SOLD

[doptg id=19] Welcome to Beachview Place Thinking about downsizing but not quite ready? This gorgeous suite is currently leased until the end of 2013. This offers you the rare opportunity to purchase the suite with the tenant in place which allows you plenty of time to prepare and plan your big move. The only lakefront […]

b-LOG: Don’t Sell Your Home – Sell Your Property

When you are selling the family homestead, particularly if it has been the homestead for many years, the emotional strain can weigh heavy. There were often new babies born, 1st birthdays, parties, special occasions, reunions, 1st steps, retirement parties, graduations and everything in between. The challenge with a lot of home sellers is those memories […]

For All You Numbers People

Interested in some local real estate market info? Take a look at some of these recent MLS facts & figures: • In the last 7 days, there have been 316 new residential listings posted for the Niagara region. In the same time period, there were 194 solds. A listing to sold ratio of 61%. A […]

When New Isn’t New Anymore

In the business of selling used goods, often, a part or parts of the product have been improved or updated over the years. Think of a used car with brand new tires, a BBQ with new burners or even a house with new furnace and central air. The common (and dangerous) denominator in all of […]

Supply vs. Perceived Value

We have noticed several examples of this principle recently. In general it is this: When buying something in short supply, the consumer may pay more than they feel it is worth (or possibly may pay more than it is actually worth). Establishing value on something that is in short supply isn’t always easy so there […]

The Baseball Real Estate Connection

Baseball is in serious preparation mode. Much work is being done. Meetings held. Tryouts successful and tryouts failed. Players sent down. Players called up. Injuries. Victories. More work and more prep. All working towards when the real action starts. For us Blue Jays fans, that day was April 5th. We watch all this work that […]

Clear the Road Obstacles

Obstacles cause pause in a buyer. They can be small, almost irrelevant issues and they can be large, leaking-roof issues. Either way, they are obstacles to the finish line of selling your home. The clearer the road, the better chance for success. In your buyer shoes, how much would you be willing to overlook or […]

Now More Than Ever, Be Different

As spring slowly eases its way in, more homes are arriving on the market. If you have been pondering a move this spring and are not yet on the market, you may well be experiencing a moderate sense of panic. A month or 6 weeks ago, there were less options available for buyers which as […]

The 2.99% Mortgage Concept

Sami El-Farram, Mortgage Broker/Owner with Total Mortgage Source 360 (@TMS360) shares his thoughts on the 2.99% mortgage. Sami writes… So I jumped into my car last night after the Sabres 3-2 overtime victory over Montreal (2 points out of the playoffs!!!) to hear one of the big five banks is up to their old tricks […]

THEbTEAM Unofficial Top 10 Things to do in Niagara

We have been working with some out of province and out of country buyers recently. Aside from the usual real estate questions, there is another big question that often comes up. “What is there to do here?” The answer is there is plenty but like any other town, you have to get out and active […]

Welcome to the Sprinter Market

As the weather forecast shows sunny with temperatures between 0 and 10 over the next week, the strange false-winter trend looks like it is going to continue. Knock on wood, we may already be easing into spring. Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take this opportunity to coin a new phrase. Sprin-ter [noun] The […]

What Does THEbTEAM Do Differently?

At the end of the day, residential resale real estate is an emotional process. You have a buyer who is anxious, excited and quite possibly stressed into oblivion at the prospect of buying a home. On the other side of the table you have a seller that is likely anxious, excited and quite possibly stressed […]


Growth in any form requires an adjustment. An internal audit of sorts of how we do what we do. More importantly, why we aren’t doing what we should be doing. What are we doing well? Why aren’t we doing the things that we know we should be doing? And the foundation of it all, our […]

We Got a Guy

Whether you are moving or not, it always helps to know people! Part of our day to day existence as REALTORS brings us into contact with great help. We frequently deal with professionals in flooring installation, appliance sales and repair, furnace, central air, insulation, electrical, landscaping, even carpet stretching! As mentioned, we got a guy! […]

Is Now a Good Time

This business of real estate can be greatly affected by our weather. Spring 2011 was a bit funky to navigate thanks to the constant diet of cold and rainy weather. Not the most inspiring time to get out house hunting. Fast forward to present day and so far we have a completely different year weather-wise. […]

$7 Milk

It is true. When selling a single, solitary thing, there can only ultimately be one, single, solitary buyer (ie: individual or couple). How you find him or her and how long you are willing to wait for him or her is another story. A corner store could ask $7 for a bag of milk, with […]

Questions…and More Questions

The most important questions we can sometimes ask are the questions that we may not even be aware of. When at the doctors, we often leave the questions and the answers to our doctors since most of us don’t know what questions to even ask. Same applies for our auto mechanics. Kid’s piano teacher. The […]

Get on the Other Side of the Table

All too often we get stuck on our side of the table. Discussions with spouses, co-workers, friends can easily end poorly because one person was unable to mentally sit on the other side of the table. When you are buying or selling a home, it is truly helpful to psychologically switch chairs when in negotiations, […]

Top 10 Tips for Selling in the Winter

10. Light up your life. Since the sun seems to set not long after it rises this time of year, make sure your home has adequate lighting. If light switches are not easy to find, consider leaving little notes out to make finding them easier. If you are not typically home until 6 or later […]

Moving: A Realtor’s Perspective – Part Two

—-See Part One—- Quick summary of the journey so far :: Packed. Cleaned. Prepared. Included kids. Arranged babysitters. Unloaded kids. Colour coded labels. Took deep breathes. Waited. Drank water. Ate lunch. Got keys. Muddy foot movers muddied my new clean home. Missing television. Heavy rain. Water in garage. So, carrying on… I am still rolling […]

Moving: A Realtor’s Perspective – Part One

By Jim Broderick, Sales Representative The following is the real life, full colour account of my move. First, let me start by saying that moving is not fun! We can get that out of the way immediately. The furniture, the boxes, the kids toys, the garage, the stuff, stuff, stuff. Recently (actually, last week) my […]

Perspective of the Outsider

We residents of any city can have a tendency of getting complacent or “used to” our surroundings to the point that we grow indifferent to them. In our day-to-day real estate lives, we get what may be a surprising number of ‘outsiders’ looking for a home in the Niagara region. They are drawn here for […]

The Power of Influence

The action of an individual is largely affected by outside influence. Whether it is the individual’s personal moral code or the pressure from family and friends, our actions are usually based on a combination of us and how we see ourselves fitting into the outside world. The same applies virtually across the board. The actions […]

Offer Options

When selling anything, there are 2 types of products. Products that can be changed in order to facilite a sale and those that are fixed products which have the option to change the ‘bells and whistles’ in order to sweeten the deal. Milk used to be a fixed product. Then came chocolate milk. Then strawberry, […]

The “Right” One

Is the correct course of action to hope ‘the right one’ comes along or is it to improve what you’re offering in order to attract the right one. ~ Hope for the best vs. Attract the best ~ At the risk of comparing the process of selling a home to the ‘singles scene’, the concept […]

Prepare Your Home ::: Prepare Your Mind

All too often the client that we meet in the beginning of the process is quite a bit different than the client we meet at offer time. As a buyer or seller, we usually plan and prepare prior to selling or buying. We clean. Paint. Go to the bank. Make needs and wants list. Drive […]

Get Help and Ask Questions

It is rare to go through any major life event without help or asking questions. Imagine if we went through our lives without asking friends and family for help. Imagine if we all blindly went through our lives just walking into a store or doctor’s office or school and simply took what was offered as […]

Consider the Source

Question: “The local real estate market is due for a _______” (a) nosedive (b) steady year (c) increase. Answer: It depends who you ask! On any given day, I might hear any one of those 3 answers from people on the street. And for us Realtors, we hear it everywhere. Not complaining…it comes with the […]

Condos, Condos, Condos

Are condos for everyone? Well, not exactly. But, condos are often the victim of misunderstandings leading to an undeserved bad reputation. Friends tell friends, uncles tell their niece, facebook ‘friends’ tell facebook ‘friends’….and more often than not, the meaning of ‘condo’ gets lost in the message. The word ‘condo’ simply defines the type of ownership. […]

The Clean Sweep

We have seen several examples in recent weeks of the importance of getting a home cleaned and properly prepared for sale. It is an interesting situation really…we humans will go to work for many hours per week to earn an income. When it comes time to move, a lot of people have a tough time […]

The January Numbers

The numbers for January came in and in general, they were generally average. New listings for the region were down 26%. A slower market also saw total sales down 16% for the month however that could be expected with the sleepy January we had. Interesting to note that total closings for the month were off […]

The Listing Period

Priced correctly and well presented, any home will have a great chance of selling. What we find consistently happens though is the home owner that puts more work into getting their home ready for market ends up selling in a shorter period of time and for more money. Consider the listing period to apply to […]