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b-LOG: We Don’t Want to Be Bombarded!

b-LOG: We Don’t Want to Be Bombarded!

We hear this quite often. Little old us, trying to offer our help and the response we often get is “…well, we don’t want to be bombarded”. We get it. You go into a clothing store to simply find a pair of jeans and you get that feeling. The walls start to close in as you wait for the dreaded sales person to sidle up to you. “No thanks, we’re just looking”.

Now we can understand that feeling. You can look for a pair of jeans, find one that fits (hopefully), buy and move on. But we are talking about a house here. Considering it is the largest financial investment (cliché alert!) that any of us are ever likely going to make, it is interesting that we would use the same approach as jean shopping.

If there was ever a time to get the assistance of a professional it would be when shopping for and buying a home. And know this…the most skilled, talented and capable REALTORS will not bombard you. They (we perhaps) are too busy to spend time bombarding.

As a home buyer, here is our big suggestion for the day. Connect with and engage with a REALTOR. Interview them. Ask the difficult questions. And then give it a try. Hiring a great REALTOR to get to work for you will not result in bombarding. It will result in saved time, knowledge, comfort, dedication, efficiency, empowerment and ultimately success!

Or the alternative is to not be bombarded. Find homes the old fashioned way. Search. Hope for the best. Keep looking. Open house. Wait. Take the plunge. Make no mistake, this route can work for some people but if the only reason to go this route is to not be bombarded, we would suggest there is a better way.

Contact us anytime…we’re here to help!

Patrick, Jim & Liana

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