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b-LOG: Walkers Creek Condos – The HVAC Question

As you may be aware, we are part of the marketing and sales team for a new mid-rise condominium building in St.Catharines. While not marketing to a particular demographic, we have had the majority of our interest (and by majority, I mean virtually all) from the 60+ demographic. This demographic has largely been heating their homes with forced air natural gas systems, which is the subject of this article.

At Walkers Creek, the system is in general the same as what the average person is familiar with except for the fuel that supplies the system. In the case of Walkers Creek Condos (WCC), suites will have their own Magic Pak system, see www.magic-pak.com. This forced air, electric, high efficient system will allow the resident control of their own heating as well as air conditioning which is a huge benefit, not always found in condominium buildings.

We often get the initial “electric?” response from people which is understandable given that for the most part, our association with electric heat is likely the electric radiators that were installed in so many rec rooms back in the 70s and 80s. Rest assured, comparing the Magic Pak to that system is to compare an apple to a potato. While both are round(ish) and edible, the similarities for the most part end there.

We handled the sales and marketing of Stamford Village in Niagara Falls which is a 3-storey building constructed using the same materials and also utilizing the Magic Pak system. Here is a sampling of a hydro bill for a current resident there:

Nov 2011 – $156.45

Dec 2011 – $150.13

Jan 2012 – $45.72 ($150*)

Feb 2012 – $99.02 ($150*)

Mar 2012 – $122.59

April 2012 – $104.26

May 2012 – $97.40

June 2012 – $125.96

July 2012 – $146.60

Aug 2012 – $125.96

Sept 2012 – ($120.00*)

Oct 2012 – ($120.00*)

(* estimates)

Some important things to consider here:

The hydro bill covers not only the heating and air conditioning system but also the appliances (including laundry), lighting, electrical and hot water heater.

This particular resident was away in January and February which is the reason the bill was lower for those months. Overall, he keeps his suite at 71 degrees year round and lowers it to 55 while away. With Walkers Creek Condos the same principle would apply. You are in control of your heating and air conditioning, so if you are away for a weekend or an extended period of time, you are able to maintain not only the temperature but also your utility bill.

So, to arrive at an annual total, we would use the ‘estimate’ numbers we included above, with the * beside them. Using those numbers, the annual amount would total $1,569.35 or $130.78 per month. Again, this amount covered heating, air conditioning, fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, lighting, electrical and hot water heating which when broken down, is excellent value.

Add an efficient heating and cooling system to an extremely efficient building and we are confident that residents will be more than pleased with not only their day-to-day comfort but also the value they will receive for utility and maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding Walkers Creek Condos, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would be happy to meet with you at our presentation centre or in the comfort of your own home.

Thank-you for visiting.


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