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b-LOG: Timing Real Estate: The Most Difficult Watch to Read!

When is the right time and how to time it right the first time is the million dollar question in real estate.

This timing uncertainty creates fear but fear not! There is always a degree of fear and trepidation when moving. It is a purely natural emotion, no different than joy, excitement or anger.

How are we going to ___?

When should we start _____?

What if ______ doesn’t happen by ______?

What do these questions all have in common? (insert church organ diminished chord…)


A large part of fear or anxiety is your mind filling in the blanks to the above questions and often with answers you don’t like. This time of year (winter/spring but mostly winter!) we hear one common theme which is people are unsure when to list their home for sale. Some contributing factors to this worry is the fact that supply is usually a bit limited in the dead of winter as everyone and their brother waits to list their home when the daffodils appear.

The risky aspect to waiting until then is that the majority of sellers (a.k.a. Your Competition) wait until that time as well. Increased competition = more choice for the buyer = less demand for your home = a different kind of stress.

If in the next few weeks supply is down but in 6 weeks from now the supply is up, wouldn’t it make sense to sell now and buy later when there is more choice? And yes, we understand that the natural cause for hesitation is the ‘what if’ questions. There is an art to timing this pendulum of supply and demand so feel free to call or email us and we can help translate for you!

You will find that once you are armed with a plan and someone to help execute it, the fear levels and the ‘what if’ questions will start to be replaced with cartwheels and hugs of joy!

Perhaps your next question is this: ‘Should we call THEbTEAM and get their help with this?’

Hope to hear from your soon!

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