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b-LOG: The Uncle™

b-LOG: The Uncle™

Many of us have them. Or an Aunt. Or a cousin, neighbour’s friend, co-worker. Someone. 

This is the person who wants to help. They want to be your advocate or advisor. They’ll provide you free advice, some of it unsolicited, some asked for. 

His name is Roy. Roy truly wants to help. Whether it’s the electrical panel, the roof shingles, furnace, flooring or kitchen, his role is to take a good look at it for you and make sure everything looks in order. 

Pricing advice is also part of his feedback. He will look at the asking price, pull back a bit, make a sort of head tilt gesture, say something along the lines of “welllllll….”. Again, he is genuinely concerned that you’re buying a good home for a fair price. 

So, the intent is undeniable. He is in your corner. 

Where things get complicated is when The Uncle™ isn’t qualified for the job. Perhaps their knowledge of a, b & c is great but they really have no experience with d, e or f. Meanwhile, it is all bundled up in the evaluation provided to you. 

Pricing? While they may agree or disagree with the price, it’s also important to consider when was the last time that they were knee deep in the current (current) real estate market. If they haven’t bought or sold in 12 years, everything is going to be priced high and out of whack for the market.

Is it important to get a good deal? Absolutely. Is part of your Realtor’s job to negotiate and go to bat on your behalf? For sure it is. It’s part of our day-to-day existence that we love. 

Context is King & Queen

Our only advice for the person that is giving you advice is make sure it is grounded in reality, truth and reason. 

While Roy loves you and wants to protect you, he can also be the person that slows down or stops the process.

So, get that advice. Ask family and friends for their advice. But then similar to talking to your doctor, lawyer, accountant or mechanic, trust the professional sitting in front of you. And if you don’t trust that professional, it’s time to find a new one. 

Still bring Roy though. He’s a good guy.  

…and special thanks to Jared Sluyter for the photo.

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